Staying On Our Current Path Will Only Cause More Suffering

who-are-weA question I received: It is impossible to be in balance with Nature if my only approach toward life is egoistic. How can I achieve balance with Nature?

My answer: Today we are forced to face the truth. We are under the threat of hunger, epidemics, natural disasters, etc., and our natural development has led us to this situation.

We have relied on the sciences to improve our lives, but what have they given us? Their use has yet to bring us any good! Quite the opposite, we have destroyed our whole planet, our lives, have gotten entangled, thrown off-track, and are now facing a dead end.  Humanity’s foundation has been built on the wrong principles leading us to develop for thousands of years in the wrong direction – towards egoism.

That is why we must immediately change the principles of our foundation and embark on a new path!  The science of Kabbalah, and not the earthly sciences will help us advance on the path of development in a completely different manner. We will then utilize all scientific knowledge not to humanity’s detriment, but towards the common good. The principle underlying all scientific development must be the desire to do good onto others, rather than the use of knowledge, power and force for one’s own sake.

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