We Must Become A Part Of Nature’s System

partThe earth is similar to a single cell, and just like everything living on it, our world evolves from competitive individualization toward life-sustaining interaction. Nature illustrates the historic, global interconnection and interdependence of all living things on earth.

The economic system functions in a similar way to the human body. By studying the body as a single, unified organism, we can discover the right principles of governing ourselves and our society. These principles are not instilled in us by nature, but rather given to us to be used freely, for us to master them voluntarily and apply them to ourselves. We will then eliminate the principles that are harmful for the economy and for life in general, and use only those that are beneficial

The human body constantly regenerates its cells, thus preserving its form and getting rid of what it doesn’t need. The body is able to sustain life only under the condition that its biological parts support each other and don’t oppose one another. In the past, the struggle for survival was the developmental principle. However, today’s society is like a single, unified organism, and as such, it is governed by a new principle, that of a single organism. This principle states that life is founded on the interconnection between the living systems.

This is why in our generation, we have to shift from the principle of boundless rivalry to voluntary interaction. Unbridled evolution has ended. Nature’s system has become revealed and we must become a part of it.

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  1. Why do you call Kabbalah a science? Just because you can measure the corrected properties, etc, doesn’t make it a science. A baker measures his ingredients, but that doesn’t make hima scientist. Why not call it the faith of Kabbalah?

  2. Regarding Kelly’s question above, isn’t there a major difference here? Someone who takes original, pioneering measurements — or verification of such measures, on new materials, is doing science. Someone making measurements on long-established materials, just in figuring the use in a specific structure, is doing engineering or architecture. Similarly with the baker. Somebody making new measures of certain carbohydrates to bake a new form of pastry, would indeed be doing science. [There is, or should be, Ph.D. programs available in the culinary realm as well, one would imagine.] And again, one baking is — in effect — an applied scientist at least. They have learned or experienced what over geoemtry, temperature, time — environment; and dough consistency, size, and shape — internality; mean to final product.

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