Will Love And Sex Help Us Feel Fulfilled During The Crisis?

billionIn the News (from BBC News): Surely when people need relief from their financial worries they reach for the natural medication created by body contact? Professor Helen Fisher of Rutgers University argues that the sheer stress of money worries in general elevates levels of the chemical dopamine in the brain – and dopamine is associated with romantic love.

My Comment: Desire is the matter of all creation, including us. Our entire essence is the will to fulfill our desire. We want to fulfill it by any means possible and as much as possible.

In times of crisis, people’s desires change, as do the sources of fulfillment for the desires. Since people can’t get the fulfillment they desire, they go back to the most natural sources of fulfillment – love and sex.

However, nowadays even this won’t make people feel fulfilled because our desires are transforming into a global desire, which can only be fulfilled when everyone will unite into a single whole.

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