It Is Natural For Obstacles To Emerge Along The Spiritual Path

longerThree questions I received on desires and emotional responses:

Question: I am addicted to computer games, but I have heard you say that we should not suppress our desires. Will my addiction to computer games and TV be corrected by the Light?

My Answer: All you need to do is study Kabbalah – read, listen, and watch our materials. The studies will correct you without you having to force yourself. You have to force yourself to study and not be lazy, but don’t try to “break” your qualities, because only the Upper Light (Ohr Makif) can correct them.

Question: Is there a connection between Kabbalah studies (the lessons, work in the group, and dissemination) and a stronger sexual desire?

My Answer: Yes, but try not to pay attention to this as much as you can, or to other interferences that arise. Focus only on advancing toward the goal. Then, everything else will happen as necessary. It is natural for obstacles to emerge and it happens to everyone.

Question: Why is it that when I listen to Kabbalistic songs or watch the animated films, tears stream from my eyes uncontrollably and my heart fills with longing. What is happening? How can this be explained?

My Answer: This happens out of joy from an encounter with the eternal and perfect, and the foretaste of the future fulfillment.

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