Everything Studied In Kabbalah Is A Law of Nature

advice1Two questions I received about studying in groups:

Question: A few months ago we formed a virtual group, consisting of various territories, including Germany, Estonia, Israel, Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine. Tell us, is it necessary to separate the virtual group into male and female parts when reading Baal HaSulam’s and Rabash’s articles?

My Answer: No, it’s not necessary. It should happen only by consent.

Question: Our group has a great desire to reveal the inner connection between us. Some people aim to strengthen our connection with each other, while others aim to demonstrate the nuances of the correct inner examination in order for the group to advance. Others still just try to feel the desire for a positive attitude and the right focus. However, we were told that these tactics impede the progress. If this is the case, why then do we feel a need to do this, which we shouldn’t? Is this a normal phase in our development?

My Answer: I don’t understand exactly what you mean. No one is against connections within or between groups. Could it be that you are doing something that isolates you from others? If so, you will be violating the principle of equality and the general connection. Please describe the problem to me in more detail.

We strive to achieve unity, which Nature (the Creator) demands from us and from all of humanity. The unity must happen among the entire mass of people studying in the framework of the worldwide Bnei Baruch group. This is no one’s whim or invention; everything that’s studied is a law of Nature, and the students apply it to whatever extent they can. Therefore, there are no leaders, but only people who explain.

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  1. “We strive to achieve unity, which Nature (the Creator) demands from us and from all of humanity.” How do you reconcile this with the Israeli behavior towards the Palestinians?

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