Evolution From Democracy To The Method Of Connection

laitman_294.3We need to learn what is happening with the egoism from current events in Israel. It is based on the matter of creation—the desire to receive. If desire acts for its own sake, it is called “egoism,” the evil inclination. We see similar processes in the United States, Europe, and Israel, where small groups, pursuing their own interests and taking advantage of the fact that we live in a democratic society, rise and demand what they think they are entitled to.

However, these are unjustified demands if we judge objectively, in proportion to their actual contribution to society. Yet, they take advantage of the fact that everyone has freedom of speech. It turns out that the more disorder there is, the more attention they attract to themselves. Existing laws allow this. This is happening in many parts of the world with all kinds of groups, no matter what their color, direction, philosophy, or goals are.

They use the growing egoism, both their own and of the society. This enables them to manipulate stronger forces, prompting them to rise against each other and to benefit from this confrontation.

It turns out that democracy is becoming bankrupt by letting small groups manipulate big formations such as right and left forces, Democrats and Republicans, and so on. In every country, they are called by different names, but the essence is the same because egoism is the same everywhere, which is why we see such occurrences in the US, Israel, and in any other place.

We see that democracy is coming to an end and what’s next is unclear. Small groups with narrow interests gain strength, and take advantage of the fact that there are two large camps opposing one another, manipulating them. As a result, large formations begin to follow a small group that uses them for its own benefit.

There is no solution for this yet. Obviously, this will continue until we start correcting egoism and explaining that the difference in opinions, in the views of the right and the left, should contribute to the strengthening of society and not to the destruction of each other. Both are necessary and we need to find a space where opposite opinions complement each other, then there will be progress.

An ascent complements a descent and a descent complements an ascent. There is no light without darkness and no darkness without light, no will to receive without the will to bestow. There must be two opposites to build a middle line, which is not a compromise. Instead, it acts as “love that covers all crimes,” that is, rises above them both.

Compromises in which opposite parties take small steps toward each other do not work because they exist up to a certain point and then everything explodes.

Obviously, in its present form, human society has reached its limit. Democracy, free development, and freedom of speech for everyone turned into a destructive force in society. This is evident from the refugee crisis in Europe and the conflict between right and left parties in America and Israel. Each small group tries to take advantage of this situation and to cling to one side in order to make the most profitable deal for themselves, turning into a Klipa, that is, instead of becoming a useful force, it becomes harmful.

Two large groups must exist and all the others in between are only looking for which side to join, changing their beliefs to the opposite every day, depending on the gain. This is all a logical product of our democracy and liberal laws. The situation becoming apparent today means the end of democracy, democratic elections, and human society. Therefore, our duty is to reveal to the people of Israel and then to the entire world the method of connection, the method of human education.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/4/19, Building The Future Society

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