Real Pleasure

laitman_938.05Question: If the purpose of creation is to bring contentment to the Creator, then  when I receive pleasure why don’t I fulfill the purpose of creation?

Answer: The purpose of creation is not to receive pleasure. After all, when you enjoy something you satisfy your animalistic egoism and nothing more. This is not pleasure. We are like little kids who think that they feel good if they eat something sweet.

The real pleasure is possible only when you are absolute, eternal, perfect, dissolved, spread among all worlds, and don’t have any kind of limitation whatsoever. This is the state of absolute fulfillment. You have to reach such a state.

To do this you should not merely receive pleasure from your little temporary body; instead, you need to rise to the level of connection with others where the Creator fulfills you all together.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 03/17/19

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