Break Through The Shell Of Egoism

laitman_571.08Question: Why in spiritual concepts are there the properties of bravery, courage and devotion?

Answer: This is all work with your ego. Egoism stands between me and the Creator like an insulating shell.

It surrounds me from all sides, and I am in it like in a cocoon unable to transfer anything outside or perceive anything from the outside except through it. This is our problem. So, we must constantly hammer it. As soon as we pierce through it and look out of the shell of egoism, then we will see the real world.

For this, great courage is needed and certainly help from friends without whom it is absolutely impossible to move in this direction.

Question: What do we need devotion for and to whom?

Answer: Striking one’s egoism once with a beak is very painful. It needs to be hammered at for a long time before you break through the shell and, like a chicken, you peek your head out. Here we will have to work very seriously with full devotion to our group and to the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 03/24/19

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