Love Constantly Grows

laitman_276.05We need to understand that the desire to receive will never be filled because it is not egoism that is filled but the intention to bestow. We turn to the Creator in faith above reason. In vain we hope to fill ourselves with the sensation of the Creator, to attain His revelation. In fact, we must form His image within ourselves; this is what will fill us up.

The difference is that it is not the Creator who comes and fills me, but I am filled with the desire for Him, building His image within myself by the fact that I want to resemble Him.

We cannot be filled up with love. If I get content from someone I love, then love quickly disappears, burns out, and can even grow into rejection and hatred. Love means that I constantly develop the desire toward the loved one and that sustains my love. Then I can be filled with it forever. This yearning, this passion, is called the reflected light.

This means that our prayer should fill us up. By asking the Creator, we do not expect to receive anything: the very appeal to Him will already be a filling. Above all kinds of disturbances and obstacles, we want to develop an appeal to the Creator, make a restriction on our egoism, the screen, and the reflected light. I do not demand anything else, feeling the image of the Creator that I built in the reflected light and it fills me. But we never attain the Creator Himself.

Like a couple in love, seeing that their love is gradually fading, they think of how to awaken it. Even if it has not yet disappeared, they try to increase their love, because if you do not rekindle it, it will disappear. Then they come to the conclusion that it is impossible; it is impossible to fight with nature, with habit.

The person is unable to love forever. Gradually, love becomes a habit, and the habit brings no satisfaction. There is only one way out: to increase the yearning, the desire, the craving for each other. Then love can burn forever.

The feeling between two lovers should always develop. This is possible only by developing a system above the egoistic desire; this is already a spiritual area in which the science of Kabbalah is engaged.

Spirituality is a continuation of the corporeal development, but in an eternal direction when love constantly grows and does not fade. At the same time, the plus and the minus do not cancel but support each other.

In essence, these are the very same forces of nature, only organized in new ways. It is said that the Creator did not create anything new.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/5/19, Prayer
1 Minute 38:48

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