What Is A Spiritual Level?

laitman_243.03Question: What is the ladder of spiritual ascent? Is it possible to jump over its steps?

Answer: No, you cannot jump over the steps. With each degree, the desires constantly grow, forming a spiritual ladder. If we are immersed in these desires and begin to realize them more intensely, then we rise from step to step.

The steps are not really like a ladder, but more like a DNA spiral in which the spiritual genes (Reshimot) are concentrated.

They contain all the information about us, only not genetic, but spiritual—much more extensive, accurate, deep, and interrelated.

Spiritual information is the stage of a human development up to the level of the Creator.

When I connect with people in more and more serious relationships, then dependencies between us appear, explaining to me what is universal, supreme, good, absolute power, intelligence, and feelings. I feel them as one single whole. This is the spiritual level.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/11/18

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