The Nature Of The Spiritual Rungs

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the beginning of our path, over the course of thousands of years according to the time of our corporeal world, we have been evolving by the influence of the Reshimot (spiritual genes), which awaken in us and force us to realize them.

Relative to nature, we reside in a state regarded as “this world” and must pass through this degree. With each new incarnation, another, greater desire to enjoy awakens in us, which is a more exalted Reshimo that we are supposed to actualize while attempting to fulfill it to the fullest.

When all informational genes (Reshimot) which belong to the part of the path called “this world” expire, we start experiencing another type of Reshimot. The first such Reshimo is called “a point in the heart.”

At this point, we are supposed to realize this Reshimo based on the new conditions, a new model: not according to the desire to enjoy this world, but according to the desire to bestow, which is now awakening in humanity. In this way, we advance, always against our will, under the pressure of the genes (Reshimot) awakening in us.

A person can do nothing else except what his soul demands of him since his Reshimot are pre-programmed with all that will occur. As to us, we are a mere desire that is completely governed by these genes (Reshimot), similar to a computer that is programmed with software and data.

But the nature of the spiritual steps in us remains constant. Our will to enjoy is divided into 125 portions or degrees we ascend by. And until we have finished correcting each preceding portion of the desire to enjoy, by having made all the necessary transformations at a given degree, it is impossible to advance to the next rung.

The nature of the spiritual rungs is a strict law, and there are no tricks that will help us to escape and hide from it or cut it some slack. Everything depends solely on how eager we are to meet its conditions.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/20/2011, “The Quality of the Hidden Wisdom – in General”

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