Laying The Foundation For A Good Future

laitman_270Kabbalah is the science of connection. We have to unite because nature is pushing us toward this, pushing us to be together. If we do not want this ourselves, then nature will obligate us by force. There is no doubt that nature will win, since a person is very weak against the blows of nature. This is why it is not worth waiting for the blows, which will constantly grow stronger, because there are heavy clouds on the horizon already.

Our worldwide Kabbalistic group is in the vanguard of this movement, advancing ahead of everyone and opening the doors to unity for the entirety of humanity. We are testing how to achieve unity on ourselves because this condition has never before existed in the world. Once, thousands of years ago, this kind of unity existed but under completely different conditions, among people who did not resemble us in any way.

Our group, called “the last generation,” living in the world of egoism, serves as a laboratory for all of humanity. How to arrive at unity in the easiest and quickest way is tested on us. From our experience, we are building the foundation for those who will follow in our footsteps after us in the very near future. This can take another ten to twenty years, but in the end, all of humanity will come to unity. Therefore, let us hope that this advancement will come by a merciful path and not by the path of suffering.

Nature is a single system. All of its parts develop from a single desire as from a tiny grain of sand. The upper force, the Light, exploded this tiny grain of desire, from which emerged the Big Bang, and from this began the development of all matter: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and people on the planet Earth. Today, we are already at the very end of this evolution.

Along the way, matter moved through multiple metamorphoses and shatterings, and we need to correct them. After all, by correcting the shattering, we achieve the quality of the Light. The Light shattered the grain of desire and we must collect those broken pieces of desire and sparks of Light. Then, the whole Light will be able to enter the desire, and instead of a tiny grain, it will become enormous. That is why it is so important for us to achieve this unity. It means rebuilding the shattered soul of the first human being, Adam HaRishon.

Europe today testifies to how much this shattering is starting to be revealed. Kabbalists during the last several centuries wrote about our time, about our “last generation.” The world has moved toward the revelation of the evil of the egoism so much that in the next several years it will be obvious to everyone that a global crisis is occurring not because of problems with technology, economics, or ecology, but only because of the poor relationships between people, which prevent us from uniting. Humanity is forcing nature out of equilibrium because there is no balance or unity among us. This balance is what we need to re-establish.

Baal HaSulam wrote in the article “The Arvut” (“Mutual Guarantee”) that the final correction of the world is only possible after the unification of the whole of humanity. Nothing other than this is needed. We are learning about huge systems, about the shattering that took place in the upper worlds, but in essence, we are learning how to unite the single desire that was shattered into a multitude of opposing pieces.

We are those broken pieces that must unite, not physically, but in our desires and thoughts. We must unite these spiritual sparks within us into one system, we must feel how we complete each other, think about the one goal, help each other become one desire. This mutual desire consists of many different parts, but it is these differences that create the possibility for fulfillment. No one part looks like any other, but by uniting together, they create perfection.

By making a laboratory  of ourselves in which we practice this connection, we gradually reveal within it the manifestation of the power of unity, the upper force of nature called the Creator.1
From the Convention In Italy, “All As One” 7/26/18, Preparatory Lesson
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