Which Part Of The Zohar Should We Read?

Laitman_151Question: The Book of Zohar is a major part of studying Kabbalah, but, at the same time, The Book of Zohar is divided into many parts and is very complicated. There are three volumes that explain the five books of the Torah (the Pentateuch).

Beyond that, there is The New Zohar and other books that are not included in the other volumes such as The Secrets of the Letters (Sitrei Otiyot), Raza de Razin, and so forth.

Recently, I have come across a book called Parashat Pinchas (the weekly section of the Torah Pinchas) in Russian, translated by Ephraim Bauch, and I have not found this book in the editions you have published.

So, is all of that The Book of Zohar? Do all of these books draw the Light, even the above-mentioned Raza de Razin that speaks about different lines on the palm of the hand? Please tell me what is the complete Book of Zohar?

Answer: There are many versions, commentaries, and translations of The Book of Zohar. To avoid confusion, I recommend only The Book of Zohar with the Sulam Commentary by Baal HaSulam or Zohar La’am in Hebrew or the version that is translated into different languages.

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