There Is a Chance For Acquittal

laitman_293Yom Kippur symbolizes the beginning of the correction of the relations between people. It is common to ask for everyone’s forgiveness before Yom Kippur. This is how we show our desire to connect and unite with everyone, and this means we are ready to be judged.

A person is actually judged according to his willingness and his readiness to connect and unite with others. After all, the goal of creation is to unite and connect all the people back as one man in one heart.

Question: I don’t think we have many chances of being acquitted in this trial. Judging by the news, the state of the Israeli society is getting worse every day.

Answer: All the problems the world is undergoing, and especially the nation of Israel, are a direct outcome of our separation.

Question: Are all our sins forgiven on Yom Kippur, as if the counter is reset?

Answer: We can indeed reset the counter of our sins if we stretch out a friendly hand to one another. If the nation of Israel is ready to unite like brothers and open its heart, we will heal all the problems, become the most respectable nation in the world, and attain absolute security and wellbeing. Everything that happens depends only on our connection and unity.

In the connection between us we discover the upper force of nature, which exists in a concealed form among us. The moment we wish to bring our hearts closer together, we discover the Creator among us.

Yet we mustn’t think only about ourselves, but also must help the whole world unite because the Creator wants everyone to know Him, from the smallest to the greatest. This connection depends on the unity of the Israeli nation, but it has to spread throughout the world.

Therefore, we see the problems the world is undergoing and the rope tightening around Israel more and more. European leaders are already beginning to blame Israel that Europe is flooded with immigrants from Syria.

It would seem that Israel has nothing to do with these immigrants, but we are still being mentioned in this context. Therefore, we should understand that if we do not unite, the problems will increase on all sides, both internally and externally.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 9/20/15

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