Complaining About Darkness When There is Infinite Light

laitman_528_01Question: How must I look at society: Do I need to think that everyone already understands everything and are only waiting for my correction, or should I think that all of us are found in a single boat, with a single desire?

Answer: We are together in any way you look at it. On the one hand, this is a large and very advanced group at the height of the end of correction; on the other hand, this is a society that is waiting for me, while I am holding it back not letting it ascend! On the third hand, this is a society in which everyone is equal except for me. Which is to say, from any point of view about society: from above, on the same level, and below, I am obligated to it.

I get everything from the friends! But because of my attitude towards them, I cannot use anything they give me, radiate to me. Because of my incorrect attitude toward them, I cannot make a prayer (MANMayin Nukvin, a demand for the characteristic of bestowal) for them. They would want to bestow and to help me, but are not prepared to do so! Their actual bestowal to me is possible only according to my MAN, my request.

They do everything for me; they prepare themselves to take care of me, but I don’t raise a prayer, MAN to them. I don’t consider them important and don’t believe that I would be able to get everything through them. I don’t believe and don’t see them as the greatest of the generation, so I freeze everything here and there.

Question: So how can I turn to the friends with a prayer, with MAN?

Answer: Try to believe that they have all that you need. Then you will have a drive to turn to them. The society has everything; it is in the state of Ein Sof (infinity)! But we cannot discover the minimal Light of Nefesh de Nefesh in it.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/19/14Talmud Eser Sefirot

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