As The Old Die, The New Is Born

laitman_293Question: What is happening in our world? The situation is becoming more difficult day by day, and it seems that everything is becoming one big absurdity.

Answer: This is the form of a generation destined to die so that within it will be born in the next generation. On the basis of a dying old world that is going to die, comes a new world that is clean of all the defects and shortcomings that existed before.

The old world must eventually rot and finally decompose, and it is necessary to take only sparks that can be clarified and conveyed to the new world from it. We must use this world to help the birth of a new world, a new generation.

At the age of 19, when I was studying in the university in the faculty of medical cybernetics, I did an internship in a hospital’s obstetric surgery department in operating and delivery rooms. I experienced a real shock from what I saw, in what dirt and blood a person is born, just like an animal.

In the wisdom of Kabbalah, there are spiritual concepts that we call “impure blood,” unique spiritual forces. In the spiritual world, only forces are at work, and it is only in our world that they materialize in the form of labor.

The forces that shape the fetus and then push it out are the forces of nature. This process is managed by a higher power, the Creator, who pushes everything to develop.
Not only physical birth, but also the birth of artistic creation requires much suffering and internal revolution. This is an inevitable part of any type of developmental process.

The main thing is to look at the future and see in everything that is happening in the birth of a new generation, a new life. We throw all the garbage out from the old world of today and gradually find the newborn.

For the time being, this newborn is dirty and smeared with blood, but soon we bring it out, cut the umbilical cord that connects it to the old world, all previous life.; we wash it so that it will be clean and beautiful, and finally give it a smack on the bottom so that he will utter a sound. Thus is born a new people, a new world.
From KabTV’s “Discovering Yourself” 9/18/15

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