A Crisis In Familial Connections

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn general, nature obligates us to have extended connections in order to form stable environments for a person that will accompany him throughout his whole life, regardless of the processes and situations that he experiences.

However, even though we understand the original specifications of nature, we also see our defects that make it impossible to withstand the demands of nature and don’t permit the building of a normal life, even in merely physiological terms.

As far as it seems, this requires work from our side, hard work that is not easy that is inherent only in human freedom of choice. And the freedom of thought, word, and deed, which makes it possible to construct an independent life, is particularly expressed in the right approach regarding family. Accordingly, we must fulfill what is not activated within us instinctively through our nature.

I must be loyal to family, loyal to the nurturing and education of children until they are able to stand on their own and begin to establish their own families. And according to Jewish tradition, even though a person reaches adulthood at the age of thirteen and truly becomes an adult and independent at the age of twenty, even this is relative. Until then, nature obligates us to take care of him.

Nowadays it is difficult for people to sustain a family for such a long period of time. This again testifies to the crisis we are found in.

Fifty or sixty years ago, divorces seemed like a big disaster. People discussed such cases as something surprising and not understandable, as something exceptional. So as long as there was no social agreement about this issue, divorces were not easy and acceptable. People became divorced in very rare cases. Today it is difficult even to imagine what would have to happen for people to be ready for this type of situation.

However, in the last half century, the situation has changed dramatically. Now most couples get divorced, people get married a few times and raise children from different marriages. This no longer surprises anyone. Women sometimes prefer to have children without a husband and generally don’t want to marry.

When I appear before an audience, I sometimes ask an audience of 2,000 to 3,000, “How many single people are there present in this hall?” In this way they become aware that up to 80% of the participants are not in a familial relationship. And this is about people between the ages of 30-40 on average.

After that I ask: “Who among you is ready to get married?” Then most of those who respond positively are men, not women, which confirms that this is true. Somewhere inside, women don’t feel a need for family and children. Maybe something lacking is somehow burdensome to them, but to decide to marry and begin to create familial relationships, to feel involved and committed, is so difficult for our growing ego that they prefer to remain single.

They can take care of themselves relatively easily. They can provide themselves with all the necessities. Especially in our day, women often work better than men. In addition, they know how to manage home economics. Even though they are busy, they remain sufficiently free of all kinds of obligations and are open to the opportunities that the modern world offers.

On the other hand, it is not so easy for men. They lack the feminine care, they feel a bit more “suspended in air” than women, and often they are not prepared to take care of themselves. However, they also see family as a burden, a heavy yoke. If it were possible, modern man would prefer his mother over his wife. Family and children with all of their implications are not for him.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/22/14

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Humanity – Meet Nature!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You say that a human being, as the uppermost link of nature, strongly affects its processes. If that is the case, would it be possible to anticipate a disaster like the avalanche in Nepal?

Answer: That depends on the level of our development. If we take part in nature and discover its inner forces, its general process, its system and purpose, then without a doubt we can see how events are connected, not only in our world, but also in the higher worlds. For nature encompasses all of reality, including that which is now hidden from us.

Question: There have always been people who were capable of feeling what was not accessible to others’ perception. For example, even today the army uses Bedouin trackers in certain areas because they are capable of identifying things according to “imperceptible” signs more than a regular person could. But the disaster in Nepal unexpectedly caught even the local inhabitants who had generations of experience behind them. They didn’t feel the approach of trouble either. Why?

Answer: We are approaching the stage where a person must become aware of nature and take its management upon himself. But today, we are still not aspiring to this, and as a result, the Bedouins, Himalayan guides, and other natural experts are losing their ability to read nature.

So in this present stage, we need to penetrate into a new depth, discover its program and purpose, and gain understanding of its evolution. Since we are behind in this, we haven’t attained powers on a larger scale and so remain helpless.

Question: What is this new depth of nature?

Answer: This is the same level we must become familiar with, and we need the wisdom of Kabbalah in order to reach it. Therefore, it has been revealed in our day.

The wisdom of Kabbalah develops sensitivity within us to the general and comprehensive power of nature. Even though natural folk experts may discover particular and separate forces of nature, today these abilities just about don’t exist because a general global force is being discovered more and more.

It is influential through the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature, but mainly through humans on a level that is not accessible to the children of the hot deserts, the snowy mountains or the virgin forests. Behind the nature that is familiar to them lurks the natural contour of the whole of creation.

Question: How is it possible to get a good response from nature?

Answer: We will not receive a good response from nature as long as we haven’t attained and understand the entire system. We must move towards this, and to do so, we specifically require the wisdom of Kabbalah. This is because it opens our eyes to the system. Then we are able to see how to be included in it correctly. If at every moment, we are concerned about holding onto our balance with nature, then everything will calm down, work out, and we will acquire security in a good and peaceful life.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/21/14

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The Truth About the Three Religions of the World, Part 2

The beginning of this article can be found in the Truth About the Three Religions of the World, Part 1.

Question: How can we stop the spreading of radical Islam and divert this sword away from the world?

Answer: The solution is simple. It is not in Judaism, Christianity, or Islam. It is in the wisdom of Kabbalah, a method that provides people with an instrument to work with the upper force.

Man uses it to connect to the program, root, and final objective of the plan of creation. He is connected to the upper force from the beginning until the completion of Creation every step of the way. And he will see all this sometime in this life not in some other world.

Kabbalah does not say that all people who practice the same religion are brothers but speaks about loving all of mankind as yourself.

Religions were spread with the purpose of bringing people towards unity with others, but in the wrong form, through Klipa, egoistic forces, a lie. Christianity called for unity with the purpose of helping one another and praying to the common gods. Islam says the same: “We have one higher power, let’s be brothers!”

Any ideology that is based on unity states the same. But they do not have a connection with the upper force and this is why all these methods fade. They must be replaced with Kabbalah, which initially was the source of all these temporary movements.

Their existence was needed for a certain duration of time in history in order to reveal the truth, which we would not be able to figure out without them. And now we can realize the wisdom of Kabbalah by using it to show the actual right method to mankind. After all, it contains the upper force.

Kabbalah is not trying to unite us on the egoistic level of this world, unlike all the religions. This is why they cannot be realized, and they only exist for a limited time, as long as people are still getting confused by them. But as soon as it becomes revealed that a connection is impossible through a given method, it disappears.

But Kabbalah allows people to connect with the upper force and become like it. It raises man above this world, above his nature. This way, instead of connecting on the level of this world, like the Muslim brothers or the army of Christ, we actually attain unity on the higher level, by attaining bestowal and mutual love.

This is not love in its corporeal sense and it does not unite everyone under one green flag but lifts to the highest spiritual degree while still living in this corporeal body. This directly corresponds to the definition of Kabbalah as a method of revelation of the Creator by the creatures in this world.

All methods were directed towards unity, but they worked inside egoism. Only Kabbalah works above egoism, and this is why it is revealed after all these methods. Kabbalah raises man above his egoism, and this is why it is able to connect all of us, and in this connection, we attain the higher degree.

One does not need to die physically in order to go to heaven because there is no heavenly life after death. The physical body does not stand in the way of it, as it is nothing but a piece of flesh that does not get in the way of us experiencing heaven internally. This is why it is written that you will see your world in your lifetime.

This attracts people, but they must understand that they need to change in order to defeat death in this manner. To go to heaven means to become dissolved in one’s love towards mankind. This state is called heaven, the highest level where I connect with others to the point of completely losing my “I.” The entire world becomes me, and in this way, I attain everyone. This is what we call the world to come, the higher degree.

Internally man always worked towards it, and this is why he needed to experience this entire process of Christianity and Islam. It was so he would understand his actual state, his actual goal, and how to realize it. And he must want to attain it without the carrot or the stick, just because he himself wants to grow to this level.

This requires that man be internally mature; we can only understand, accept, and realize it through such a lengthy process.

Question: Everyone can attain this?

Answer: Everyone must attain it! According to the plan of creation, all of mankind must experience the entire process of the spreading of religion: one part experiences Christianity, the other part experiences Islam. But in the end, everyone comes to the realization of the truth, rising above our nature and connecting above it, where we attain the higher existence.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/31/14

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Short Stories: Polytheism Or A Single Providence

laitman_276_02Abraham, who was a priest in ancient Babylon and one of the followers and disciples of Noah’s teachings, was the first to realize that everything that happens with the nation is intentional.

It is hard to accept that negative outcomes, which can destroy an ideal society, can stem from the good upper force.

If people who live together in peace and friendly relations suddenly feel that they don’t understand one another and resent each other, that they are growing apart and even feel hatred towards one another, we may wonder whether the force that manages the world is indeed good and benevolent.

These questions usually concern Kabbalists but not ordinary people.

The separation that was suddenly felt in ancient Babylon led the priests and the sages to think about the existence of two gods: a good one and a bad one who are in a conflict that is reflected in our life in this world. “Probably the evil force prevails over the positive force. And maybe there are not, but a whole host of deities of all kinds.”

Eventually people began to believe in polytheism, thus denying the providence of one force in this world. Abraham regarded it as paganism. He totally disagreed with it because he discovered that there is only one force and one providence in this world and not the many forces as the Babylonians believed when they saw good and evil in all its manifestations in our world, contradicting one another and destroying everything.

Abraham claimed that it all stemmed from one force, but humanity is shown the imbalance of the whole system, just like in an experiment, so that it will start to investigate and understand it. We should understand, feel, and bring it closer to us or get closer to it. We have to connect with its good and bad attributes that are revealed in us and this is why the world seems like such a terrible place.

There is only one manager of creation who operates by two opposite forces: good and bad. We have to control these two forces and connect them so that we have one positive force that overcomes the negative force and the negative force should increase the positive force.

Thus, the continuous revelation of the evil force in a person obliges the positive force to grow to a level called the Creator. This is actually what Abraham discovered and he began to explain and disseminate his attitude to nature, man’s mission, and purpose of life.

However, very few agreed with him, actually several thousand people in ancient Babylon did. He distinguished them from all the others who had their own intentions and inclinations and began to teach them. Thus, each of the groups followed its own path.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories” 10/15/14

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Short Stories: Did The Deluge Really Happen?

Dr. Michael LaitmanEverything that the Torah writes about happens on a spiritual level, but its characters were Kabbalists and  really existed. The Torah speaks only about a person’s entry into the spiritual world. It  does not describe phenomena and events in physical life, rather only a person’s internal path towards attaining the Creator.

In this sense, Adam and Noah were real people who once lived on earth, taught people in their Kabbalistic schools, and called them their children or descendants.

Since the events described in the Torah happened on a spiritual level, it is impossible to say that they all happened in physical life.

For example, was there really a deluge? For thousands of years of human development there were certainly all kinds of natural disasters. But the story of the flood speaks about two characteristics of the mighty power of water, about a good characteristic of bestowal that the water symbolizes (the right side) and about a bad power of water that drowns, destroys, causes tsunamis and the like (the left side).

The story about Noah is specifically about this and not about some global natural disaster in our world.

The Torah speaks about how the person understands in what manner he must rise above the characteristic of judgment, the power that exists in water, and through some kind of relationship with this power, he can realize himself within it correctly He must build an ark, the right closed environment in which the characteristics of water will be good for him, and not ruthless or lethal.

On his contemporary level of knowledge about the system of management, Noah made a tremendous discovery for future generations of Kabbalists that made it clear how it is possible to pass through the crude, powerful, and most threatening natural forces to good and useful ones.

This is because before Noah, people were powerless when confronting nature, like little children. And his method made it possible to tame the threatening power of nature. So the level of Noah was necessary on the way of humanity towards attainment and control of the entire system of management.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories” 10/15/14

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 10.30.14

Message from Dr. Laitman Before Convention In Los Angeles

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Eliminating Disparities In A Nation

laitman_426Question: You talk about the necessity for consolidating all people into one family, but isn’t this the dream of the European far right, “We are a family, and they are not”?

Answer: The problem of the far right faction is that it places its own people in a special place above all the rest of the peoples. However, we aren’t talking about elevation above others here, but about unity among the people. So, what’s wrong with that?

Suppose that I am French and other nations don’t interest me. France is absolutely enough for me, and I don’t want those who are not considered French to live in France. Moreover, this refers to French according to culture and not nationalism.

Belgians will come and even Jews. The main thing is that we have a generally uniform culture, a shared view of things. So, France is our common nation. We agree with its constitution, with its legislation, with its customs, norms, and language.

So, if a particular sector enhances this unity, then it doesn’t matter what it is called: right, left, center, etc. This approach is good as long as it is not realized at the expense of other nations. I don’t look at the others. I simply want my nation to live in peace and quiet, to be happy and prosperous.

What is bad about that? A person cares about his nation. He wants his people to live as one family. Even though he doesn’t have a broad vision or the moral force to be concerned about the inhabitants of other nations, and even though this is called “nationalism,” it is in a good sense. He is not a chauvinist. He has no hatred towards others, toward foreigners. He is only concerned about his own people, and not at the expense of others either.

It is true that, in a case like this, the nation is not ready to enter into some kind of partnership as in the example of the present European Union, but there is no need for it either. First its people pass through the new education, strive for equality, to unity, to a common general level accepted by all. Gradually, people will absorb new values in that they, themselves, already want to attain some kind of optimal average, a basket of necessary products and services that are uniform for everyone.

Certainly, we don’t say one size fits all. Prosperity can vary by two or three times as much. However, in sum, this is a small difference, the social “play” and not a social abyss as it is today.

Question: If the extreme right will accept an approach like this, will they increase their success?

Answer: Certainly, for this it is necessary to change the legislation in the appropriate direction. In a big way, it is necessary to record what is essential. All of the inhabitants of the nation must accept its culture. They must be, let’s say, French, regardless of religious faith. The person must be loyal to the homeland to which he has come.

For example, the African-Americans in the United States don’t act against their nation. They specifically feel themselves to be Americans. Yes, they have differences of opinion with other sectors, but they live in their nation.

In accordance with this, in Europe, even if you are a Muslim, you must maintain your allegiance to the nation in which you live. Otherwise, you invalidate your right to live there.

Question: Is national unity like this a prerequisite for world unity?

Answer: No, but now we are talking about a specific region, about European nations in which the tension between sectors has grown, and in this context the European Union is not found on the agenda for the meantime. It is possible to speak about economic and military cooperation, but this is not unity. Rather, these are joint activities on a contractual basis.

On the other hand, true unity represents a transition to familial relationships. This is something that is much denser, more intimate, deep and comprehensive, when all of Europe truly becomes a common home for its inhabitants. However, they are not ready for this today because they are very distant from each other.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 9/9/14

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Networking On Correction

laitman_264_01Question: If we connect in caring for a friend’s healing, the outcome will be positive and then we will feel proud of that. It turns out that it would be an egoistic receiving of reward.

Answer: It makes no difference. We must look at things realistically since the egoistic awakening and the reward are also necessary. We need to be sure that we are a force. We are not on the level of working without feedback, yet when the mere effort or working for the Creator without a reward is the reward for us.

At the moment, we cannot even do that and don’t feel the system on a level that allows us to work in a void. I operate and all my efforts disappear, while I must feel bestowal and certain limitations. Therefore, we need feedback.

Question: How can we improve the quality of our concern for our sick friend?

Answer: First of all, the concern we feel for him should teach us to be together in one thought, on one level. At the same time, we must hope that we will learn to add our intention to this thought, that we unite thanks to our concern and use this connection on the next level in order to think about the Creator and to establish the necessary conditions for His revelation. The Creator is not revealed in each of us, but in the connection between us.

Thus, when worrying about a sick friend, each one should feel not his own personal concern for him and how we should spur each one to feel that, but how we all are mutually connected. We want to feel the network of connections among us and the revelation of our concern for a friend in it. This is the only thing we care about since our networking is working on the correction.

The main thing for us is to feel the connection since it is our only collective soul in which the Creator later will be revealed. Thus, we move on to the next level, to the system that is external to us, and begin to feel the cobweb of the actual connection, not ourselves and our egoistic desires that are in its meeting points and its connection.

If we begin to work this way, we begin to affect the whole system. By reviving the cobweb of the connections between us, like the web system on the Internet, we begin to prepare it for the revelation of the Creator because the force that goes through the system that ties, revives, regulates, and manages everything is called the Creator.

When we begin to tune into this system of mutual connections, we will be able to feel the Internet web system that was created by people. Our connection will begin to affect it according to the law of equivalence of form and people all over the world suddenly will begin to wake up.

Can you imagine how everything will change? Just as a person’s thoughts constantly change, so will the mechanical, electric system of the mutual connections between people begin to change. The general egoistic human brain—the mutual connection that includes everything that is revealed today in the Internet web system—will begin to change in form thanks to the fact that we are becoming active parts in our spiritual system.

People all over the world suddenly will feel the new current that the system of the relations between them has entered: a new force, new thoughts, and a new moral state. They will feel it since the spiritual system will affect the lower web system like a root affects the branch. Therefore, we soon will discover very interesting options.

However, going back to the question about the sick friend, it is important that we understand that he is the factor that spurs us to collective bestowal unto the whole system so that we will be able to connect and bestow unto the Creator a form of bestowal that He expects of us so much.

We really want our friend to be with us constantly and to recover and return to the group. We constantly must think about it seriously together. The Creator provides us with a reason from above so that we will connect and focus all our thoughts and actions on our unity and eventually for the sake of the Creator.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/8/14, Writing of Rabash

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True Prayer

laitman_943Baal HaSulam, Sages Fruit, Article “Wrong Time to Gather the Herd”: It’s prohibited to separate oneself from the society and ask for oneself, even for the sake of pleasing the Creator.

One should address the Creator, having the purest thoughts and ideal desires that are not for one’s own sake, but for the sake of others or for His sake. But if one prays to the Creator on one’s own, alone, the prayer won’t rise to Him. Rather, it will stay with the person who prays.

We can continue screaming for a thousand years, but it won’t help us at all. The spiritual system doesn’t hear solitary requests. A single person is unable to raise the desire to be connected with others, the desire that elicits the correction from Above. This demand has to be raised together with other similar desires, as part of a common desire to unite. Then the Light that fulfilled these desires before the shattering took place, when all desires were one whole, will automatically descend.

Praying for the entire society is the only possible type of prayer. Those who are detached from their surroundings as well as those who pray only for their own sake harm and destroy their souls. The Light won’t respond to such an appeal. It is said: The Creator says to all proud men: “We cannot dwell in the same abode you and I.”

It’s impossible to get out of one’s surroundings if one doesn’t wear the vestments of pride. One’s separation from the group automatically implies that one becomes more selfish. Detachment from the group is a result of various spiritual “moves,” not physical ones. No matter how justified one’s separation looks, it always is an outcome of one’s increased pride, wickedness, and egoism.

Praying alone makes one involuntarily abandon one’s community, thus ruining one’s soul, an aspiration towards the Creator. A sensation that one’s soul is implanted into a corrected community, in each of our friends not as a discrete part, but as an inseparable element of the whole system signifies a complete correction of the body (the general desire).

The category “we” becomes the only one that really exists. The sensation of “I-ness” vanishes since it is given to us only to make us understand that we are placed outside of the spiritual ladder.

“I-ness” exists only in this world. The lowest spiritual degree, as well as all other 125 spiritual steps, is based solely on “we” and the sensation of “we” becomes higher with each next step. The “I” disappears at the level of this world that is called the imaginary world since it exists only in our shattered desires.

Spirituality is felt only in the “we.” This notion includes me, you, him, and other friends connected together. It is quite a weak spiritual level of the world of Assiya at which clarifications and shatterings still occur. The world of Yetzira is nothing like that. There, in the world of Yetzira everything is truly connected into one whole. The world of Beria is a preparatory link for attaining a complete correction in the world of Atzilut.

This explains why we should never forget that spirituality can be felt only through the connection among us. It is said, the minimal Kli (vessel) is comprised of two. Ten people constitute an ideal structure. This is stated in The Zohar and Rabash’s articles.

For thousands of years, humanity did not have such wonderful conditions! We have to take advantage of our developmental stage and implement the transition from “I” to “we” as efficiently as possible.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg “Day Two” 9/20/14, Lesson 4

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