Strengthening Unity Or Hindering It?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it more important for us to strengthen unity or leave it as it is? Or is there an alternative?

Answer: I don’t think anything can hold with efforts without increasing them, for our ego is constantly growing.

We must always think about the basis on which everything rests. We live in a world that evolved egoistically, and we ourselves evolved egoistically; therefore we cannot avoid working on this.

And it is said, “Describe to yourself… , make it in your eyes… , …which is renewed all the time”. Which is to say, we need “to see” all the time, it is impossible otherwise.

Therefore we need to understand clearly that what existed a minute ago has finished its action already; we apparently were friends, we decided to work together, and a minute later all of our good intentions evaporated, that is how quickly everything changes in us. So we need to comprehend everything in the right way, meaning to get used to this, to support this with that.

We examine all this with constant effort. Nothing exists in spirituality at constant velocity. According to Einstein’s theory, something that moves in a straight line at constant velocity is the same as something that is at rest.

The spiritual world is beyond the speed of light. Even the great Kabbalist Maimonides wrote in the 12th century that spirituality is found beyond the speed of light.

The speed of light is a constant everywhere. So by the concept of “beyond the speed of light” we mean a change in velocity. If we have something that is growing all the time, this is spirituality. In spirituality we take into account the differential, which is to say, the change. If there is a change that is growing all the time, in spirituality this is considered to be a velocity, and not acceleration. Which is to say, everything is at a higher order of magnitude there; what is considered to be velocity in our world (for instance, movement at a velocity of 200 kilometers per second), in spirituality this would be considered to be standing still, since there is no change in this.

In other words, all of those states that don’t change in us don’t exist in spirituality. And only our positive additions, efforts above an ego that is growing for the needs of the goal, which is evolving all the time in us, only these are considered to exist spiritually.

Therefore maintaining an old state won’t work, for the ego is growing. Even in our world everything is found in constant movement: We age, go forward, something is always happening. It is only in our feelings that the ego is as if is slowing us down.

So if you don’t want to be stuck, you have one and only one possibility, that everything around you will be in an internal movement and you will be connected with it all. So how is it possible to be connected with it all? Only through establishing a covenant, when you reach an agreement that you will pull each other all the time, wake each other up, and support each other.

If you direct yourselves in this way, then you can assure yourself spiritual advancement, otherwise, not: The ego will grow and “pull” you wherever it goes. The friends must awaken you in the right way and then you can realize this precisely.

But it is impossible to remain in a single state; nature will not allow this. Then it will push you down, so that through the crisis you will be convinced that it is necessary rise up. This is the only way!

This problem exists everywhere, both in families and in groups; people suppose that they can preserve our state, and so we hold onto a position and maintain it.
From the 2nd Preparation for the Convention in Krasnoyarsk 6/13/13

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