Healing Something With Something That Resembles It

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is it difficult for us to open our hearts even if we know that we are one family? The closer a person is the more difficult it is. We are ready to share and pour our heart out to anyone but those who are near to us. Why is that? Is it just my feeling, my illusion?

Answer: It’s actually so and it will get even more difficult. It says in The Zohar that the students of Rabbi Shimon, who were all great Kabbalists, felt such great hatred towards one another when they gathered that it seemed to burn them from the inside. They were ready to burn one another. So you are on the right track. We should understand this and know how to manage it.

The point is that all the negative attributes were given to us so that we would see how we have to focus our efforts on getting closer. So there is nothing to complain about, but rather to be glad about the revelation of evil and to understand that it shows you where you are ill.

Can you imagine what would happen to us if nothing hurt? How many illnesses we would ignore? Thanks to the pain we pay attention to the illness and heal it. We don’t calm ourselves by saying that “I hate the other, but now I will have a drink with him, eat something together, and everything will be fine…” No! This is wrong! It’s like taking a painkiller. A glass of vodka and everything is fine, and is he already your friend? No!

Question: So where can I purchase the remedy?

Answer: The remedy is revealed only when we reach the recognition of the illness itself, only then, is the remedy revealed inside the illness. After all, all the remedies that we use in this world were discovered by studying the illness itself. By studying the illness we discover what causes it and we begin to use the same material as an antidote, thus healing something with something “similar.”

This means that when we know for sure what the problem is, we heal it by using the same thing but in its opposite form. So this is yet to be revealed. The main thing is not to negate and not to perceive the ego that is revealed between us as something bad.
From the Convention In Krasnoyarsk 6/14/13, Lesson 1

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