Do Not Withhold Spiritual Support From Yourselves!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do married Kabbalists need to help those who are not married to find a partner for themselves?

Answer: I think that it is desirable for both men and for women to establish a family, although it could be that this is not found in their program.  That a woman today who in the past always aspired to establish a family doesn’t want this, this is the result of a developed, or perhaps even an overly developed, ego.

The person doesn’t see any reason: “Well, I will bring a child into this world, and when ten or fifteen years have passed he will leave me; and then what?”  It is the same thing with the husband as well.  “I dedicated my whole life to him, and then what?”

No, this is not so.  We need to build the same relationships both within and between us, and in the whole world.  Therefore it is necessary to try to act in a family according to the same principle by which we learn the wisdom of Kabbalah and gradually let it take root.  Then the family will acquire meaning, for in spite of it all, this is the same cell from which the growth of the person begins.  The husband and wife need to be involved with the wisdom of Kabbalah together and participate in a group as a single cell.  Also the groups, by uniting, need to participate in our general world group as one cell, and the general world group in relation to all of humanity, until all of us will be locked into one family.  So everything begins from the family.

And never disparage this essential egoistic component, it is simply necessary to raise it to the next level.

Therefore, I think that a man and a woman can get married at any age, work together and participate in a group as a single whole.  With this they will feel how beneficial this cooperation between them is, because in spite of it all, it is doubtful that Kabbalistic obligations will hold you in a group the way they hold you at home.

It’s worth it, I am speaking seriously.  Therefore, all the bachelors should pay attention to not withhold serious, spiritual support from themselves.
From the Convention In Krasnoyarsk 6/14/13, Lesson 1

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