Actions Taken In Nature Are A Consequence of Man’s Egoism

Laitman_2009-07_0231Two questions I received about how man’s egoism is evidenced in Nature:

Question: Rav Laitman, if I understand correctly, Nature conducts itself according to certain laws. For instance only take and use what you need and not more. But a friend told me how a wolf pack killed over 40 sheep and lambs in one raid. The wolves escaped without consuming any of the sheep they killed. If the Law of Nature rules the still, animate and vegetative world what causes this type of aberration?

My Answer: Predators exhibit this kind of behavior because they are influenced by man’s downfall. The whole world ascends and descends with man.

Question: If Nature is intelligent and we should resemble it by ceasing to be competitive but collaborative, why is it that animals compete for food and survival, or plants compete for sun or other natural resources? Does Kabbalah share some common point with the evolutionary theory?

My Answer: This is a consequence of man’s egoism, as it is described in the Bible.

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