Spirituality, Freedom And Bestowal Are The Same

adviceA question I received: Today people no longer have to drive or walk to the Kabbalah classes in the rain. They can just turn on the TV. But is each person who watches our broadcast lessons granted the freedom of choice?

My Answer: The freedom of choice doesn’t depend on how one connects to the lessons, but on one’s point in the heart. If the point in the heart is ripe, then one has free choice: the choice to establish a connection with the environment that will help him draw the Surrounding Light – the Light that Reforms. When a person feels the need for such a connection with the environment, this is called the free choice.

This may happen a few years after a person first starts attending our lessons. Gradually one realizes that he won’t attain spirituality with his mind. Knowing the terminology, actions, and structure of the worlds won’t reveal the Upper World to him. But it takes some time for a person to realize this.

I’ve seen many people who spent years studying the science of Kabbalah with their minds, trying to learn more. They took great pleasure in doing this and to this day they still don’t sense a need for real sensual attainment.

And I’ve seen others, who sensed such a need, but they still didn’t realize that attaining spirituality means reaching the attribute of bestowal, that attainment and bestowal are the same thing. Some people need years to understand that it is precisely the connection to the inner desires of the friends in the group (where the Creator has brought him) that constitutes the means through which one reveals the attribute of bestowal.

Nevertheless, in the interim their time does not go to waste. A person undergoes constant changes under the influence of the Light, and eventually reaches the understanding that he must obtain just the attribute of bestowal.

The freedom of choice begins from the moment a person begins to understand that a connection with all the rest of the souls, or with their points in the heart, is necessary to reach the attribute of bestowal. After all, this is what spirituality is.

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