What’s Really Influencing The Earth’s Climate?

climateIn the News (from arxiv.org):Testing the link between terrestrial climate change and Galactic spiral structure” We confront past suggestions of a close link between terrestrial climate change and the Sun’s transit of spiral arms in its path through the Milky Way galaxy. We use new information on spiral structure based on CO data that does not make simplifying assumptions about symmetry and circular rotation. Comparing the times of these transits to changes in the climate of Earth, not only do the claimed correlations disappear, but also we find that they cannot be resurrected for any reasonable pattern speed.

My Comment: All the changes that occur in Nature are influenced mainly by human behavior, or rather, by people’s thoughts and desires. The problem is that this influence is hidden from us and thus we erroneously focus on and measure our external influences, such as gas emissions and solid waste pollution.

However, even though the pollution on the Earth’s surface seems enormous, its influence on climate change is actually negligible. The greatest influence comes from our egoistic thoughts!

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  1. I find this really scary! If we influence the world with our thoughts and desires without being aware of it, it seems like that a child has been given a gun to play with!

    What do we do? does it require ALL of us to change ourselves, which is probably very hard to achieve, and I’m not using the word ‘impossible’ (just to stay on the safe side of the thoughts power) OR would be, let’s say, 51% of population enough? How does it work? If one person corrects himself is it enough to influence positive changes? Anyway, somehow I always sensed that this is true, although I couldn’t explain the implications or prove anything. The world is in our hands, isn’t it?

    with Love…

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