The Soul Is Eternal

By Developing One's Desires, Kabbalah Also Develops One's MindThree questions I received on the breaking of the common soul from my student in Brazil:

Question: In the book Kabbalah Revealed , it says that only 600,000 souls were created, and they were subdivided because of the issue of selfishness. Is the result of the subdivision also regarded as a soul, i.e., a single spiritual entity?

My Answer: The souls do not subdivide or converge, but rather, each soul undergoes its own individual correction.

Question: What happens to the souls that have resolved the issue of selfishness: do they become extinct and cease to exist entirely?

My Answer: The souls simply descend to the level of our world, and then ascend back by virtue of our efforts. Their essence is eternal.

Question: Can a soul be extinguished?

My Answer: Nothing in the spiritual worlds can be destroyed – everything there is eternal. Things merely change their form.

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