No One Will Get Out Of The Crisis Alone

aloneIn the News (translated from News1): The internationally renowned Professor Prabhu Guptara, Executive Director of Organisational Development at Wolfsberg (a subsidiary of UBS AG – one of the largest banks in the world) said that all indicators show that we are far from coming out of the crisis. While businesses welcome globalization, there is national protectionism. Each country is trying to help its own companies and save its own economy.

However, in the era of globalization, this is no longer the right course of action. A rapid shift from a global economy to national isolationism always ends up with a world war. And it so happens that we are witnessing a rapid growth in military spending in all countries. This may provoke a world war.

The way to control the crisis is to create a global organization for coordinating economic policies globally. Any other approach to the global world will bring about divisions and wars.

My Comment: As they say, the author’s opinion happens to coincide with the editorial office’s opinion. Notwithstanding, the way to overcome the crisis is to correct the global world, namely, the relationships between people.

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  1. I don’t get it. Instead of being spending money with new weapons and new military expenses, should they spend it to help people? This is a great world but with very stupid people.

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