Understanding Must Come Before Action

is-correction-possible-without-a-man2A question I received: I understand that a spiritually developed person can feel and understand that it is necessary to preserve the balance with the universal nature, the Upper force. But at the very first stage, when one first hears this explanation, what does this balance mean for him? How does he have to alter his approach to life at the very beginning of his path?

My Answer: One cannot act before he reaches the realization of his true state! You cannot rush to act before you make a calculation based on this realization- this is actually destructive! We have had our fair share of such foolishness!

One first needs to study our world. It is a global world, where all parts are interdependent. You have to feel it! Only then can you proceed to action. Until you have reached an understanding – you should do nothing. This is similar to how one must study for a dozen years at school as a child.  Now, you must study before you are ready and able to correctly make any action.

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