The Role Of Mass Media Is To Serve The World

new-movieA question I received: How does the role of the mass media in the process of common correction have to change?

My Answer: Correction of man can happen only under the influence of society. We all have to bond properly as the result of the correction, and in order for this to happen, everyone has to receive examples of correct connections from his environment.

Therefore, we have to use the mass media, the most powerful communication tool, to create the proper environment for everyone in the world. The media has to turn into an instrument of correction for the world in response to society’s demands and by the pressure placed upon it by the government. Only powerful and broad based media will be able to influence a person in such a way that he will feel the need to change his relationship with his environment.

Children have to demand proper conduct from their parents, otherwise they will be ashamed of their parents’ behavior, and each person has to feel ashamed of treating others badly.

This is possible only because of changes brought about by society’s demands. It is in this way that we will make the mass media truly become an instrument of connection, rather having it remain as an instrument of selling to gain profit.

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