Man’s Optimistic Nature Helps Him Reach Full Development

naiveIn the News (from Science Daily):People By Nature Are Universally Optimistic, Study Shows”  Despite calamities from economic recessions, wars and famine to a flu epidemic afflicting the Earth, a new study from the University of Kansas and Gallup indicates that humans are by nature optimistic…

Eighty-nine percent of individuals worldwide expect the next five years to be as good or better than their current life, and 95 percent of individuals expected their life in five years to be as good or better than their life was five years ago…

As for countries, optimism is highest in Ireland, Brazil, Denmark, and New Zealand and lowest in Zimbabwe, Egypt, Haiti and Bulgaria. The United States ranks as number 10 on the list of optimistic countries.

My comment: Because of our egoistic nature, we are constantly forced to justify our existence. The tendency toward optimism is necessary in order to help us reach our full development in life (not detract us from it) and then, to change course. Therefore, things will only get worse until a person recognizes that everything must change. Even up to the very last moment, he will continue to think that everything will get better.

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