Inequality Is The Source Of All Society’s Problems

laitman_2009-05-28_0097_wWhen analyzing the statistical data across the world concerning  negative social phenomena such as the rate of incarceration, drug abuse, depression, divorce, domestic violence, parent and child estrangement, we come upon some very interesting findings.

It turns out that these problems are almost nonexistent in poorer countries. When offered antidepressants, people in countries with a greater level of social equality would not understand what you are talking about. However, in societies where there is more social disparity, taking antidepressants is commonplace and many people have their own personal psychologist or therapist.

In the end it turns out that the problem lies not in poverty, but in the disparity between the various standards of living and how I assess myself in relation to others and in the inequality between us.  Equality is a law of Nature, so the less balanced a society, the more problems it has: crime, drugs, depression, divorces, etc. At the same time, the closer people are in their standard of living, the fewer problems of this sort we see plaguing their society.

You can live in a cave and be happy, or you can live in complete prosperity without any problems whatsoever – as long as everyone in your society lives in the same fashion. Problems arise solely from inequality, as it is precisely the lack of balance that is the root of all evil.

Bringing people to equality however, is no simple task, since it contradicts our egoistic desire. Thus, a person must be compensated: what will we get for being equal to others, since right now our desire is to be above others? Kabbalah tells us that only by revealing the Creator can we change this desire and therefore, live as equals. Revealing Him will fill all feelings of disparity and this will be the reward for the compromise we make to be equal to others.

Society is already beginning to understand that inequality breeds evil, as it opposes the main force of Nature in accordance with which everything must be balanced and congruous. We receive fulfillment from infinity, which exists in absolute equality and we therefore perceive any phenomenon opposite to it as ruin.

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  1. wow! this is actually really awesome! i really like what you said and i find it to be really true. thanks for telling that.

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