Public Opinion Must Be Changed Through An Education About Goodness

drugsIn the News (translated from Novayagazeta): Wishing people an early and agonizing death and rejoicing when it arrives is becoming good form in Russia. Notices of others having a serious illness or sudden death cause the citizens to experience spasms of malicious joy.

Respect for death – the common end for everyone, has ancient origins in many civilizations and is a social consensus. When death is not respected, neither is life. Russia went through this during Stalin’s repressions and the world went through it during Fascism. But with such symptoms, the forecast is quite dreary.

My Comment: The only way to change the public opinion is by educating people, by giving them the explanation of the correct relationships. How? By completely restructuring the mass media – eliminating oppression and introducing goodness. This is what Kabbalah suggests. People are like children: they learn only through example.

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  1. Great post! Very informative 🙂

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