The Condition For A Business To Survive: Consume No More Than The Necessary

unattainability-in-the-mind-of-a-kabbalistA question I received: How can a business survive without making a profit? This sounds like a utopia.

My Answer: The economic condition is very simple: a business will survive economically-speaking if it is aimed at benefiting the whole of society to the maximum. For example, a supermarket should sell products whose prices differ from the wholesale purchased goods only as much as necessary for the business to cover all of its expenses. The calculation is made to ensure that one consumes only what is necessary for one’s existence, like a cell or an organ in a body, which is part of an integral mechanism.

Thus, the profit that the business makes is there only for ensuring that the whole business can lead a normal existence. Any profit beyond this is harmful, like excessive food for the body. There should be no accumulation of money and no additional income.

Of course, every manufacturer keeps a safety margin in case of unforeseen circumstances, similar to how our organism creates a reserve of energy in case of sickness, in order to be able to compensate for the fluctuations. But in general, this is how every business should make its calculations today.

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