How To Overcome The Descents (Advanced)


Questions I received on difficult times on the spiritual path:

Question: Should a person try to figure out his bad states while they are occurring, or should he rise above them and only later analyze what happened?

My Answer: One should figure it out later, when he reaches an ascent. During the state of descent, the only thing you should do is work.

Question: I study in the Learning Center and listen to your lessons. Right now I am reading “The Creator’s Concealment and Revelation” because I want to understand the reason for my current state of despair. I don’t feel happiness in the material life, the Creator sends me nothing but suffering, and sometimes I don’t want to live. I feel completely lost. Maybe there is some specific book which can help me overcome this state?

My Answer: The book, Shamati.

Question: If a person studies Kabbalah, and at the same time has an excessive desire for some “special” type of fulfillment, such as alcohol, drugs, or pornography, what should he do, especially when this desire only grows stronger with time? How can he stay on track?

My Answer: You should think only about the most important thing. Then, even if a descent will come along, you will quickly come out of it and continue on your way without thinking about the past.

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