How Will The Society Of The Future Begin?

now-you-can-share-perceptions-over-the-internetA question I received: What kind of government will be more likely to undertake this experiment of creating a future society – one that already has memories of socialism, or on the contrary, one that is already fed up with capitalism?

My Answer: I think that it does not depend on the physical status of the government, but on how conditioned people are to perceive the cause of the crisis and the need to ascend above it, to overcome it by uniting, and to understand that today, there is no other means to survive.

And like Baal HaSulam says, this method can work in any country (though not necessarily in the whole world). However, it depends on the level of people’s perception, or their level of development. For it to work, people must already have a realization or an understanding that there is no other way out from our situation, and this is the only means to survival. However, it should not happen by intruding into one’s personal life or by coercing the masses, the way it happened when the Soviet power was established.

The society itself should be convinced that the old conceptions, decisions, approaches and regulators do not work any longer. This could happen first in America, then Russia, and then Europe. However, I do not think this pertains to technologically and socially undeveloped countries, as well as to countries ruled by dictatorship and “people’s” regimes. These countries still lack the necessary level of public development and awareness. They will accept this principle after the developed countries, in part because they will be forced to participate in this for economic and social reasons.

I believe that an international fund and a single world government, even if  formed reluctantly, will create a movement toward collaboration by setting their own example and exerting moral pressure. After all, humanity is organized according to a pyramid: a part of humanity is already able to realize the importance of integral development, while other parts can only join in by realizing that there is no other way. However, according to the law of Nature, eventually everyone will have to reach complete harmony and become equal to all of Nature.

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Baal HaSulam Article: “Building the Future Society”

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