Whether In Africa or In Your Joint Bank Account, Egoism Is Egoism Everywhere

dont-fight-egoism-aloneIn the News (from globalissues.org): “Development: New Africa Commission Report Reiterates Basic Goals” Africa’s arduous path to development could be eased if governments took elementary measures to improve infrastructure, coordinate regional trade policies, and speed up the regional exchange of goods and services.

My Comment: The reason is, once again, people’s egoism, which is the same in Africa too.

In the News (from Haaretz):Keeping your joint account from separating you” Israel’s 2007 divorce rate, at 17.5%, was 15th worldwide. “Although most couples say they marry for love, 72% divorce due to a breakdown in communication, usually over money,” says Yosy Esh, chairman of the Israeli Union of Home Economy Advisors and Coaches.

My Comment: “Love and hunger rule the world,” but hunger is stronger!

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