Impressions From The Kabbalistic Tour: Feeling At Home In A Faraway Place

spiritual-time-and-movement1A letter I received: After the Congress, we went on the Kabbalistic tour. One of the places we went to was the city of Tzfat. I felt that it truly is a holy place; I don’t even know how to express my feelings. I just could not leave there! I felt that I finally found my home. Even now, after the Congress, I feel as if I’m still there. That place draws me like a magnet! It was very hard to return to New York, the “stone jungle.” But at least I am still there in my thoughts. I just want to once again thank everyone who participated in organizing the tour and spreading the Light.

My Comment: I’m glad you enjoyed the tour so much. We provide these Kabbalistic tours on a regular basis for anyone who’s interested and for tourists from all over the world, and we offer them in different languages. You can recommend it to anyone.

For information (in all languages):
Tel: +972-544-971-500 (this is a phone number in Israel)

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