Top Financial Analysts Now Realize: The Global Crisis Demands A Global Solution

criticalIn the News (translated from will weaken but will not give up” The current crisis differs from all the previous ones because it isn’t cyclical but systemic. Hence, it will bring about a global change of the world’s financial, economic, social and political systems. Globalization is a factor that did not exist before, and it turns a regular, local crisis into a global crisis. Because the financial system has become global, it should not be regulated on the national level, but on the global level.

My Comment: The opinions of the top analysts are coming closer and closer to Kabbalah’s opinion. However, people still have to refine their definitions of globalization, integral systems, the law of complete interdependence and mutual responsibility, conditions of being equivalent with Nature, egoism as the cause of all evil, and bestowal and love to all creatures on the planet – the final goal of human development. There is no method of correcting egoism in our world, other than the method of Kabbalah.

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