Science Confirms That Mind Is Independent From Brain, But Is The Mind Material?

Can We Control Our Thoughts?A question I received: In his book, Mystery of the Mind, the great American neurosurgeon, Wilder Penfield, concludes that the mind is absolutely independent from the brain. The mind is higher even than our consciousness, and it is, in fact, an absolutely independent entity. The mind gives orders, the brain executes them like a computer, and sends them to the consciousness. What does Kabbalah say about this?

My Comment: This is already close to truth. He’s right in that our brain is like a computer. However, our mind is also material because it exists within the quality of reception for self and not for bestowal.

Physical researchers believe that the mind exists “outside of the body” because they aren’t yet capable of discovering its material form. However, in Kabbalah, “outside of the body” means something different: beyond the egoistic desire. Since the only thing that was created is the desire, everything is either a desire to fulfill oneself or a desire to fulfill others.

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