Can April 8, 2009 Be The Day Of The Coming Of The Messiah?

this1In the News (translated from On April 8, 2009 (the 14th of Nissan, 5769 by the Jewish calendar), three events will coincide in one day:

1. The beginning of the Jewish holiday of Passover

2. The beginning of the Jewish Lunar calendar

3. The beginning of the Jewish Solar calendar

2 and 3 coincide once in 28 years, when the sun gets back into the same position as on the day of creation.

1,2, and 3 coincided for the first time on the day of creation, 5769 years ago, the second time – on the day of the Jews’ Exodus from Egypt, and the third time will be this year.

Kabbalah mentions a similar coincidence as being a possible day for the coming of the Messiah.

My Comment: Although I don’t believe in mysticism and calendars, I do agree on such outcomes!

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  1. Messiah is represented by who or what object, figure, animal or practice in Torah? How is Messiah represented in Torah?

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