The Revelation Of Our Connection Is A Sign Of The Coming Of The Messiah

soul-and-bodyThe moment we start revealing the connection between us, we are living in the generation of the Messiah. If we are revealing the fact that we are all one family, this is a sign of the coming of the Messiah, because we thereby reveal the system of Adam HaRishon. Before people could do anything they wanted to, but now they have to become similar to this system. This connection symbolizes the end of the exile.

The Ari and Chaim Vital felt that the exile was ending even in their time, 500 years ago. This is why Chaim Vital wrote, “I am waiting for the Messiah but He is not coming yet.” To him, it was clear that the exile had ended. All the great Kabbalists talked about this, including Baal Shem Tov and Baal HaSulam.

But today this isn’t only apparent to the great Kabbalists who see the entire system of souls in its revealed form; but even the average person encounters it. People don’t quite feel it yet, but they are hearing about it. Each person is seeing and beginning to feel that he depends on everyone. He’s beginning to feel that there’s a system of mutual connection at work. This is the revelation of the system of souls, called “The First Man” – Adam HaRishon. But the force that is now operating inside this network of souls is negative. It is a force opposite to the Creator. However, if you ask Him, He will turn to face you!
(From the lesson on Baal HaSulam’s article, “Messiah’s Horn” on 03.24.2009)

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  1. “However, if you ask Him, He will turn to face you!”

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