Things Will Keep Getting Worse Until People Realize Why

why-do-we-see-such-a-diverse-world2Questions I received about the effects of the crisis:

Question: When you talk about what is going to happen in the future, do you have actual knowledge of the future, or do you mean that there are no specific events that will take place and that “things will just keep getting worse until people realize why”?

My Answer: You’ve pinned it down: “things will keep getting worse until people realize why.”

Question: Is there a possible to arrange studies of the laws of nature for employees at a private business? I run an office of 20 people. I watch your lessons and study since 2007, and am interested in doing this.

My Answer: It’s a must. Try to set up it yourself. We will provide our advice and materials whenever you’ll ask for them.

Question: The crisis has affected my small-town life, requiring me to relocate to a large city. How does a Kabbalist make such decisions? How does he weigh the factors of money, company, environment, friends, and so on?

My Answer: According to the environment.

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