Our Desires Are Cleansed By Suffering

priestIn the News (translated from CloudWatcher): Over the last few decades, not many were interested in seeing themes of solidarity and mutual help on TV. The media wanted glamour, blood and violence. But today, because of the crisis and its influence, the most in-demand, urgent topics are none other than mutual help and self-sacrifice.

My Comment: The crisis cleanses people. One Kabbalistic text says, “Meat is cleansed by salt, and people’s desires are cleansed by suffering.” But there are two types of suffering:

  • Involuntary suffering, which lasts for a long time, making people wise up against their will in order to avoid the suffering. But gradually, people start to recognize the reason and purpose of the suffering,
  • Conscious suffering is when a person learns about the qualities of the Upper World by studying Kabbalah and compares himself with these qualities. He then suffers because he is not similar to these qualities. And as soon as he feels this kind of suffering, he is immediately corrected and filled with goodness.

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