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Microbes Will Help Us

laitman_547.05In the News (Stanford News): “Stanford study indicates that more than 99 percent of the microbes inside us are unknown to science

“A new survey of DNA fragments circulating in human blood suggests our bodies contain vastly more diverse microbes than anyone previously understood. What’s more, the overwhelming majority of those microbes have never been seen before, let alone classified and named, Stanford researchers report August 22 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.”

Answer: But we live, don’t we? And if we hadn’t studied this 1%, we would still be alive.

Question: Why are these organisms living in us?

Answer: It is us! It’s not that they live in us; if they were removed, then we would cease to exist. In other words, we are actually a “bag” carrying all kinds of microorganisms. And these little bugs are just hanging out there all the time. That is what we are.

Question: Does that mean that if we learn about 1% or a larger percentage or no percentage at all, it wouldn’t make any difference, we won’t gain anything from it?

Answer: No, we won’t. It will only add more trouble. We will always think that these microorganisms must be eliminated, those over there need to be increased, etc. This is all wrong. Interfering with human nature is disastrous for us. We do not achieve anything.

We must get to a level of good, benevolent, eternal existence through a different method. Not by the method of interfering with the work of our body, but by interfering on a much higher level. Rising through our own attainments, revealing the upper system, the upper world—this is within our power. And these “little bugs” will only help us in all this.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 10/2/17

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There Is No Homeland

515.02Question: The government of Catalonia wants to gain independence from Spain. What makes them want to break off and divide into small kingdoms?

Answer: This is natural! Today there are, say, 200 nations in the world. If this keeps going, then in the next few decades this number will reach 250 or even 300. I have no doubt about it.

Remark: Futurists say that, on the contrary, people will unite into larger cities.

Response: No, there won’t be any unification! Like in the past, there will be fortresses, city-states surrounded by enclosed fortifications.

There contradictions to unity will be in every country: the north versus the south, the west versus the east. They will divide into clans or any other type of division.

Why does this happen? Egoism grows and demands a separate space for itself. This is why we will revert back to family unity. Moreover, everyone will have their own apartment, a fortress with bulletproof glass. I will sit in my home, open a window, and drones will fly inside delivering me pizza with Coca-Cola and then fly away.

Meanwhile, I will sit at my computer, not wanting to know anything. Leave me alone, this is my turf, this is my kingdom. I depict the most perfect picture there can be, where I am the parliament, I am the governor, I am everything.

Question: So everything has lost its value. There is only me and my egoism, and that’s it? I don’t believe anyone, I don’t want to be around them, I hate them.

Answer: This is the best form of governance!

Question: Is this a real picture?

Answer: In principle, yes. But we won’t reach it, nature won’t allow us to; it has its own plans.

Question: In other words, people will divide, but what will happen next?

Answer: Before this happens, there will be a collapse. If humanity learned from its mistakes, this would go on forever. But nature has a plan that it is always presenting to us, putting pressure on us from its end. Therefore, we won’t be able to annihilate each other.

Question: What will happen then?

Answer: We will be forced to unite! Forced toward happiness with a rod!

If there was no goal of creation, where we practically are already, and if the reverse processes were not coming to us from there, which we perceive as suffering, then there would be chaos. The things that scientists, philosophers and psychologists envision today are all products of their lack of understanding of the goal and the program set by nature.

Thus, even if Catalonia separates now, it won’t do any good. Later all the borders will be annulled anyway. The government of Catalonia will have no one to govern because the people of Catalonia will be completely indifferent to the government and to everything else.

On the other hand, we see the process that is unfolding; people don’t care where they live.

Question: So the concept of a homeland is disappearing, being erased?

Answer: What homeland!? Who or what can be considered a home? The land? But there’s other land everywhere. The people? Same thing. The culture? It is common to all.

Question: From the standpoint of the upper providence, is it correct to get rid of these notions, such as my place, my homeland, I will live here, I will die here, and so on?

Answer: All the nationalities, nations, and governments will be leveled; everything will wither away.

Question: What will I call home?

Answer: A good environment. And that’s all.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 9/7/17

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From Antidepressants To Weed

Laitman_182.02In the News (Time): “Antidepressant prescribing has risen nearly 400% since 1988, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). More than 1 in 10 Americans over age 12 now takes an antidepressant, the study finds, and yet two-thirds of those with severe symptoms of depression do not take antidepressants at all.

“The new research, led by CDC epidemiologist Laura Pratt, was based on responses from about 12,000 people who took part in a national annual health survey in 2005-08. The findings were released on Wednesday as a National Center for Health Statistics Data Brief.”

Question: Over the last few decades, the use of antidepressants has skyrocketed by 400%.

It is reported that scientists have found an increased content of antidepressants in the brains of fish in the Niagara River. This means that the water purification systems do not block these substances and they enter the water supply. This once again confirms how interconnected everything is.

What do you have to say about this? How long will this go on? How will we realize once and for all that this is all one system?

Answer: Indeed, we are breathing, eating and absorbing all of this.

Question: And as a result, all the people eating that fish are taking antidepressants?

Answer: That goes not only for fish. The same goes for everything, including the air and water. Everything that we synthesize and invent using artificial means is all around us and inside us.

But that doesn’t worry me. Our problem isn’t about how to live our lives better. If there is a continuation to our lives, then it makes sense to fight for everything. But if there isn’t, then let’s provide ourselves with the best possible existence for a certain number of years, and then peacefully depart from this world.

Question: Where is this all pushing us? Where will it take us?

Answer: Antidepressants won’t help us. Right now, weed or cannabis is taking its turn and is being rapidly developed. It will be permitted in every form and dose, however and wherever people please. You will be able to buy it in any store, as much as you want. And it will come in any form you like: pills, coffee with cannabis, coca-cola with cannabis, and so on. Everyone will consume it. It’s all being prepared as we speak. This is actually why the whole large-scale campaign against smoking was staged.

Question: This is the first step. And what will follow?

Answer: Nature wants to show us that we won’t be able to calm down this way.

It seems to us that this will help us calm down. That’s what everyone thinks. But we won’t calm down because we will proceed to the following blows. And they will, in turn, be much more powerful than the previous—so powerful, in fact, that we won’t even be able to use drugs.

Drugs have always been available to humanity, but we did not use them. We won’t be able to put ourselves to sleep. Nature will begin managing us in such a way that I will have a tranquilizer next to me, but I won’t be able to take it. I won’t be able to, my hands won’t reach that far. I will prefer to suffer, to run around in a frenzy, but not take it.

This will go on until we realize what the reason for our state is. Then we will proceed further, to correction. Meanwhile, drugs such as cannabis will help us reach this realization. But these will be weak drugs, ones that don’t kill us but seemingly help us tune out somewhat and realize that it does not solve the problem.

Question: So a person still won’t tune out?

Answer: No, since it’s nature managing us, it won’t allow us to tune out or be semi-conscious. On the contrary, it will shake up our minds and feelings in order for us to assess the situation better.

That is, these drugs will work against themselves: they won’t put us to sleep, but will relax us in order to relax our egoism, and then we will be able to soberly, objectively, above our egoism, assess where we exist, what for, and how. We will calm egoism down and will be able to reason correctly and sensibly.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 9/7/17

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Fake News

laitman_961.1In the News (NPR): “An update from the Wild Wild West of fake news technologies: A team of computer scientists have figured out how to make words come out of the mouth of former President Barack Obama — on video — by using artificial intelligence.

“If you’ve been on the Internet at any point in the last year, there’s a good chance you’ve come across fake news articles. Soon we may see a wellspring of fake news videos.

“As a team out of the University of Washington explains in a new paper titled ‘Synthesizing Obama: Learning Lip Sync from Audio,’ they’ve made several fake videos of Obama.

“Take for example, a time that he discussed the Pulse nightclub shooter and said ‘the investigation is ongoing, but we know that the killer was an angry and disturbed individual who took in extremist information and propaganda over the Internet.’

“Obama did in fact say these words. But the computer scientists were able to make it look like he said them in places different from where he actually did — in this instance, in a different room at the White House. Audio and video images could be manipulated to make it look like he said them at a different time — say as a much younger Obama.”

Comment: A new era of news is beginning: it is fake news. They say that global area networks (GAN) already allow the production of video clips on which people do things that they have never done and say things that they have never said. It’s considered the wave of the future.

My Comment: This is good because it removes all boundaries between people. I don’t know who you are or who I am, when or what you or I said or didn’t say. Who knows where this will take us. There will be no way for us to relate to each other at all.

Say for example, now you are videotaped, later they will sit you here in a bathing suit in the company of who knows who or who knows what, and you will be declaring, I don’t even know what.

Comment: And they send it to my wife…

My Comment: Yes. But by that time your wife will already understand that there is no truth in the world.

This understanding that there is no truth in our world and we cannot orient ourselves in any way to what we are receiving from mass media, that is the most important thing. It completely disconnects us from the world.

All of this will disorient us to such an extent that we will begin to relate to the world in a completely different way. We will want, we will demand, the truth; that is, we will desire to move to the next level, into the next system, meaning the system of inner connection between us. I must see the truth, otherwise, I cannot exist.

I hope that this will happen and quickly. But, until then, humanity will only be laughing at itself. There is information chaos in the world! In reality, this is just chaos influencing the population. That is, it is not a demonstration of one against the other. Here we have no “one” and no “other” and no “against” and no “for.” This is an amazing state!

A person is shaken to such an extent that there is nothing to stand on: under his feet there is nothing stable. Only relatives and those who are close; actually, relatives who are close and close ones who are relatives, and aside from that, nothing. How does one exist? Because this will only grow wider and deeper.

In principle, this will bring us to where all the sources of mass media will vanish. All telephones, cell phones, all the “toys,” which amuse us so much today will vanish, because there will be no point in talking about anything.

Question: Will we switch over to the kind of connection like we have right now with you: just sitting together and beginning to hear one another?

Answer: Yes. But even this connection is still based on what we are now. But, by then we will be completely different.

That is, all this will bring us to the point where a person will demand the truth. And then, from this demand, completely different sources of mass media will appear, going from heart to heart, not the route of “amusement” through intermediate sources. At that point, sources of mass media, thank God, will cease to exist.

I wish for them to disappear as soon as possible! Because if today it’s fake news, then tomorrow this will turn into general anarchy. But after that, truth will come.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 7/12/2017

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The Reason For Anti-Semitism’s Growth

400Question: Anti-Semitic speeches, statements and actions are spreading in America. Jewish cemeteries are vandalized in Philadelphia and St. Louis. There is an increase of anti-Semitism among university students. Why is there so much pressure on Jews?

Answer: Jews are carriers of the method that will correct the world and bring humanity to one single entity: an integral and global small village. And this exterior form of humanity demands internal cohesion of all into one single whole, into a single system.

One system cannot work with such great egoism that has developed in humanity. We reached its critical point and came to a crisis where a person cannot get along, not only with children, the family, and all the others, but even with himself. Of course, this does not apply to all people because everyone is on a different level, but, in general, this is so.

When we think about how to proceed further, we begin to connect with each other by creating common markets and various alliances between countries.

This makes things even worse for us because we reveal how much we are unable to connect. When we sign an agreement, it is already not valid on the second day because we see that we are still torn in different directions. A man marries, but not for a long time. He creates a family, but also for a short time. Children cannot communicate with each other or with their parents.

Egoism led us to such a state where we are distant from each other; everyone wants to put themselves in a “cocoon,” communicate with others on the phone or via the Internet. We want to estrange ourselves even more, to be isolated from each other. And here the problem arises: how do we become one single entity, because nature is pushing us toward it?

There is an antagonism between the inner human nature, which separates us from each other, and the exterior nature (inanimate, plant, animal, and human) that has to gradually unite us into one single community so that we harmoniously complement each other and  do not destroy each other, as it happens today.

This state should be allowed. It can only be done by man as the highest in the biological chain.

How can we solve everything? There is a program in humanity that can help evoke the supreme power of connection, love, and unity. It can perform such an operation on us and lead everyone to unity. We are even unable to understand how this can be done.

And the upper power is able to do this. This force is called the upper force because it is above our egoistic nature and comprises all of nature within itself.

The method of attracting the higher force has been in the hands of Jews for many thousands of years. However, except for Kabbalists, they do not know about it. Although there are a small number of Kabbalists among them, they are the carriers of this knowledge and are ready to share it with everyone because this is what determines our future.

In any case, we will have to fulfill our mission. There is no other way, we have to unite. That is why we now have a question before us: can we do this?

There is a certain feeling that Jews are to blame for what is happening in the world: They have all the wealth, they are pioneers of “high-tech” and other things, they rob humanity, and moreover, they know how to harm everyone. This underlying, subconscious feeling, even certainty, exists among all nations to a greater or lesser degree. They compose legends and speculations on this topic. From Kabbalah’s point of view, purely a Jewish knowledge, they are absolutely right, because they instinctively perceive it this way.

Question: Does it mean that terrible blood libel are their feelings?

Answer: Yes, they express their feelings in such a way. But there are grounds for this. Of course, there are no conspiracie because the Jews themselves do not know what is happening to them, but, in general, the basis of the other nations’ feelings is purely spiritual.

Therefore, the hatred of the nations of the world is justified. And there can be only one way out for the Jews, which is to recognize the task that confronts them and to begin to implement it.

Question: Now you have described the way of the upper force, which is to force the Jews to fulfill their task through anti-Semites. But probably there is also a straight path, direct path for the Jews, without anti-Semites?

Answer: The upper force offers this way through Kabbalists. Kabbalists do everything in their power to explain it. But no one hears them.

Question: So, there are two options: through Kabbalists or through anti-Semites?

Answer: Or the common way. I hope for the middle way: anti-Semites will pressure Jews so that Jews will be very frightened and will want to hear what the Kabbalists tell them. Let’s hope for this option.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/1/17

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Does Democracy Exist?

laitman_600.04In the News (Council of Europe): “International Day of Democracy 2017, Statement by Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland

“Democracy, human rights and the rule of law fit together to the benefit of citizens in Europe and across the world. Democratic governance creates freedom, fosters opportunity and counters corruption in society. …

“On September 15 – and every day – let democrats hold their heads high and speak for their ideals.”

My Comment: There is no democracy in any communities or countries. In fact, democracy is impossible, because it is impossible for the masses to rule the masses. And if we choose someone, the question is,, how does he get chosen and who is behind it?
Democracy cannot exist by definition.

When could it be possible? Only if we take love and bestowal as the highest principle, which is above nature and above people, and commit to carry it through, can we talk about democracy. Practically, democracy is the corrected humanity facing the higher principle—the Creator.

Without the Creator, democracy cannot exist because it is the highest principle. And there can be no democracy without implementing this principle. And the wisdom of Kabbalah explains how to do it.

A fair society is possible then, as Baal HaSulam writes in The Last Generation, everyone is absolutely equal, all complement each other, and all together we form one single whole. And the Creator, which is the upper force, will be revealed within this society. Together they will form a state that is called the last generation, which is the correct society.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/2/17

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Class-Action Against Google

laitman_559In the News (NPR): “Systematically paying women less than men. Promoting them more slowly. And denying them opportunities.

“These are the allegations in a lawsuit against Google filed Thursday in San Francisco on behalf of three female former employees.

“They’re seeking class-action status to sue on behalf of all women employed by Google in California over the past four years. ‘The lawsuit appears to be the first to make class action sex bias claims against Google,’ according to Reuters.”

My Comment: We are all different. When we speak about equality, we erase A person’s individuality.

I don’t know what the problem is over there. I don’t want to get involved; it is their business. But if men and women are in any way equalized, I think it would be an insult to both genders.

Try to give a woman a compliment in the same manner you would give a compliment to a man: “Hey, you look normal today…” Can you imagine saying that to a woman?

A woman feels good when you emphasize her unique virtues and not those that are also inherent in men, and in this she is just like a man. You need admire her feminine qualities .

Question: In other words, she is a mother, home, tenderness?

Answer: Yes. She is general everything. She demands attention and respect because that is a woman’s nature. Everything comes from masculine and feminine egoism. A woman, as a desire to receive, as Malchut, has this need. This needs to be respected and understood; this comes to us from nature. We are grown adults, men and women, and we need to understand nature correctly and relate to each other accordingly.

Question: In other words, we can make the following conclusion: there is no equality and it cannot exist?

Answer: Initially from nature, equality cannot exist. If we want it to exist, we need to raise people to a degree where, according to those criteria, they can be equal.

This is what Kabbalah deals with; it equalizes everyone. If I connect with love to all of humanity, then I am the same as everyone else.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 8/10/17

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Be Afraid Of Fear


In the News (New York Times): “Climate change is essentially tied with the Islamic State as the most-feared security threat across much of the world — except in the United States, where cyberattacks are considered a greater danger than global warming, according to a Pew Research Center report released on Tuesday.

“Residents of 13 countries ranked climate change as the greatest threat to national security, while in 17 countries the Islamic State was considered a more immediate problem.

“In the United States, however, a gaping partisan divide pushed climate change to third-most severe perceived threat, after ISIS and cyberwarfare. Just 56 percent of Americans surveyed identified global warming as the most serious threat to the country, compared to 71 percent for cyberwarfare and 74 percent for Islamic State attacks.”

Question: What are your thoughts, what should a person fear most? 

Answer: A person is most afraid of fear. He is afraid that he will be gripped by fear and very much wants to avoid this state. And the rest is not important since it is all relative. That’s why we need to fear only the experience of fear and not all those things that stand behind it.

Question: What can we do to not be afraid of fear?

Answer: We need to rise above it, to the level where absolute confidence, freedom, limitlessness, eternity, perfection, and love exists. It is to this level that we need to rise rather than lowering ourselves to the bottomless pit of our consciousness or even worse, our sub consciousness, where rats, snakes, demons, devils, and worms, all those things that devour us exist. Because they all exist only in the experience of fear.

And the experience of fear is only triggered by the unknown, which is intentionally brought on to you in order to get you to rise and reveal the Creator. Because when the Creator is revealed, everything suddenly becomes clear, simple, and calm.

Question: So it turns out that the Creator is intentionally pushing us out of fear?

Answer: Naturally. He creates evil, as it is written in the Torah. The Creator says something like, “And now I will give you more of this and that. Moses, go to your people, they received another portion from Me.” Each time, more and more.

Question: Each time adding more fear?

Answer: Not just fear, but all sorts of problems in order for the people to rise above them and, in partnership with the Creator, turn them into a force propelling them forward.

Question: How are we to rise out of personal fears, out of all of these, as you say, worms, devils, and all those things that eat a person up?

Answer: That’s what the science of Kabbalah is for. We gradually rise along all the 125 steps. The Creator will constantly be awakening negative feelings, and we must rise above them to Him, our beloved. I only need to know: all that He awakens within me is experienced in my egoism. And if I rise above ego, there I will discover His love and devotion. And with respect to my egoism, I see that the Creator is intent on constantly arousing it with evil, fear, and so on.

Question: In other words, we can say that He hates my egoism and demands for me to rise to Him?

Answer: Naturally.
From KabTV’s “News With Michael Laitman” 8/10/17

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The End Of The Tower Of Babel

Laitman_115_05Question: Modern innovations and studies say that the period of the Tower of Babel has ended, meaning the lack of understanding of languages. Soon there will be headphones that will translate all languages and we will communicate easily.

What will communication like this provide?

Answer: This kind of communication will make it possible for us to feel the whole world as one global whole, without borders, not in the full sense of the word, but at least partially. This is because in spite of everything, language is a very big limiter of communication between people.

Question: When will the Babylonian division actually cease?

Answer: It will be when people will feel that they must rise to the next level of self-awareness.

Question: Are there languages there or not?

Answer: There are no longer any languages there.

Imagine that a gigantic spaceship is hovering above us surrounding the entire globe and hiding the sun from us.

How would we behave in a situation like this? Would we fight, argue in parliaments, think about who is going where? Would we begin to think about who is plotting against whom here on the face of the earth while a gigantic black machine is hovering over us, hiding the sun from us while we are found in total darkness about everything that is happening to us?

It is possible to understand how this could unite people…nobody will plot against anyone. What do I care about the other? After all, I see that this is the end.

Question: And then languages will disappear?

Answer: Everything will disappear. We will begin to search for a way out of the situation and “aliens” will declare: “We will talk with you only when you all become a single whole. Unite; we will wait. Meanwhile we will be hovering over you.”

We will wait, but how long? “It could be another 500 years, it makes no difference. We are above you. And every year that passes with lack of unity among you, we will get closer and closer, we will arrange situations like these for you that will whip you from behind. That is how we will help you.”

Question: This scenario would happen with suffering. But what is the truth about the absence of language, the lack of division into languages?

Answer: We will be able to make better use of getting closer and closer to each other, meaning that we will truly unite so everyone will be like brothers in a single family, without language and without distance. In such a situation, communication could be arranged that erases all differences.

But I don’t think that for this we need to put headphones on our ears, we will feel each other; there will be no need for words. We will begin to talk by means of the heart.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/12/17

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Hebron Is Not Yours

Laitman_022In the News (U.S. News): The U.N. cultural agency has declared the old city in the biblical West Bank town of Hebron as a Palestinian world heritage site—a decision that has outraged Israeli officials who say the move negates the deep Jewish ties to the ancient shrine.”

My Comment: So they say and let them talk. We shouldn’t express our discontent or do anything about it. Everyone knows what the Jewish origin is, but for them it is important to annul it. Thus, they make several decisions and write new books in which they tell everything differently and rewrite history.

Question: Do you believe that our logical explanations and the proof we have will never be enough for the UN, UNESCO, or the world?

Answer: Never! We shouldn’t even make any such efforts. We don’t understand how and why this happens and how to prevent it. We have to practically show the whole world who we really are by fulfilling the plan of the creation through us. This is what we have to do. Then the hatred and all the bad accounts with us will disappear. People will come and ask to help us lead the world to connection, friendship, love, and the revelation of the Creator in the general state of unity.

The Creator is the greatest physical, moral, and psychological force of nature. It is energy that surrounds us, operates on us, and impacts us. But we don’t reveal Him; on the contrary, we actually conceal Him.

Imagine that the world is in the middle, the Jews are around it, and the Creator is on a higher level than the Jews. And we don’t allow the whole world a way out to Him. What should the world do? By operating in the opposite direction from the direction we should, by concealing the Creator from the world, we naturally invoke such a reaction from them.

This is the reason UNESCO vote the way they do, the way they want to, and everyone in the world agrees with them and with their campaign against us here in Israel. If we continue to behave this way, everyone will turn their backs on us.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/28/17

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