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The End Of The Tower Of Babel

Laitman_115_05Question: Modern innovations and studies say that the period of the Tower of Babel has ended, meaning the lack of understanding of languages. Soon there will be headphones that will translate all languages and we will communicate easily.

What will communication like this provide?

Answer: This kind of communication will make it possible for us to feel the whole world as one global whole, without borders, not in the full sense of the word, but at least partially. This is because in spite of everything, language is a very big limiter of communication between people.

Question: When will the Babylonian division actually cease?

Answer: It will be when people will feel that they must rise to the next level of self-awareness.

Question: Are there languages there or not?

Answer: There are no longer any languages there.

Imagine that a gigantic spaceship is hovering above us surrounding the entire globe and hiding the sun from us.

How would we behave in a situation like this? Would we fight, argue in parliaments, think about who is going where? Would we begin to think about who is plotting against whom here on the face of the earth while a gigantic black machine is hovering over us, hiding the sun from us while we are found in total darkness about everything that is happening to us?

It is possible to understand how this could unite people…nobody will plot against anyone. What do I care about the other? After all, I see that this is the end.

Question: And then languages will disappear?

Answer: Everything will disappear. We will begin to search for a way out of the situation and “aliens” will declare: “We will talk with you only when you all become a single whole. Unite; we will wait. Meanwhile we will be hovering over you.”

We will wait, but how long? “It could be another 500 years, it makes no difference. We are above you. And every year that passes with lack of unity among you, we will get closer and closer, we will arrange situations like these for you that will whip you from behind. That is how we will help you.”

Question: This scenario would happen with suffering. But what is the truth about the absence of language, the lack of division into languages?

Answer: We will be able to make better use of getting closer and closer to each other, meaning that we will truly unite so everyone will be like brothers in a single family, without language and without distance. In such a situation, communication could be arranged that erases all differences.

But I don’t think that for this we need to put headphones on our ears, we will feel each other; there will be no need for words. We will begin to talk by means of the heart.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/12/17

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Hebron Is Not Yours

Laitman_022In the News (U.S. News): The U.N. cultural agency has declared the old city in the biblical West Bank town of Hebron as a Palestinian world heritage site—a decision that has outraged Israeli officials who say the move negates the deep Jewish ties to the ancient shrine.”

My Comment: So they say and let them talk. We shouldn’t express our discontent or do anything about it. Everyone knows what the Jewish origin is, but for them it is important to annul it. Thus, they make several decisions and write new books in which they tell everything differently and rewrite history.

Question: Do you believe that our logical explanations and the proof we have will never be enough for the UN, UNESCO, or the world?

Answer: Never! We shouldn’t even make any such efforts. We don’t understand how and why this happens and how to prevent it. We have to practically show the whole world who we really are by fulfilling the plan of the creation through us. This is what we have to do. Then the hatred and all the bad accounts with us will disappear. People will come and ask to help us lead the world to connection, friendship, love, and the revelation of the Creator in the general state of unity.

The Creator is the greatest physical, moral, and psychological force of nature. It is energy that surrounds us, operates on us, and impacts us. But we don’t reveal Him; on the contrary, we actually conceal Him.

Imagine that the world is in the middle, the Jews are around it, and the Creator is on a higher level than the Jews. And we don’t allow the whole world a way out to Him. What should the world do? By operating in the opposite direction from the direction we should, by concealing the Creator from the world, we naturally invoke such a reaction from them.

This is the reason UNESCO vote the way they do, the way they want to, and everyone in the world agrees with them and with their campaign against us here in Israel. If we continue to behave this way, everyone will turn their backs on us.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/28/17

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The Temple Mount: Rejoice Or Cry

Laitman_421.01Question: On the Temple Mount, they dismantled all the security measures; in other words, the entrance is more or less free. It is possible to say that Israel surrendered to the pressure of the Arab world and Europe? Should one be happy or cry?

Answer: This is a very great failure of our security forces, who could not correctly calculate the power of the Arabs or the power of the government, which didn’t take into account that the issue of the Al-Aqsa Mosque could provoke such a storm all over the world.

From year to year, the Jews have simply become more and more obtuse, apparently unwise, whereas the Arabs have become more and more wise. They can be influential through all the international organizations that they have entered and can reach agreements between them. They are no longer the same Arab nations they once were. Today, they have international Internet connections, both in the press and through the television company Al-Jazeera.

In fact, we have no friends and supporters, while there are necessary supporters among them because they have the power. Therefore, our future is gloomy and vague.

It is up to us to draw the following conclusions: it is not necessary to carry out extreme actions if we don’t know for sure to what these actions will lead. It is preferable to sit quietly and understand how it is possible to gather power like this that can correctly convince the world of our justice.

Question: Can we truly win?

Answer: Yes, if we succeed in convincing ourselves and the world that we are right. In the meantime, we cannot do this today.

Question: How is it possible to do this?

Answer: It would be only if we prove to the entire world that we have the ability to give the world a method to get rid of evil. That is all. The world doesn’t need anything else.

Question: What are you calling “evil?”

Answer: Evil is the tremendous human egoism. If we can show the entire world that we have a method for getting rid of it, and as a result of this we get rid of all the problems, conflicts, hatred, and rejection, then the world will begin to agree with us.

But, we need to show this by means of personal example! We are a “broken” nation, the most separated, and egoistic. If we look at ourselves, for example, how effective our method is with us, within a small group of the population in a small nation, then nature will arrange things such that the world will have no choice but to pay attention, hear, and agree with us. Only in this way can we be saved from all the problems!

Question: Will the world see that there is a corner of the Garden of Eden [paradise] in which they are living in friendship and love, and will also want to live like this?

Answer: The world will be compelled to see this because they are looking at us all the time. It is only that, in the meantime, they are not seeing anything good. If we show them that we have a method for the correction of all of humanity, then everyone will see.

Comment: And then there will be no need to close the Temple Mount.

Answer: There will be no need to close anything. Everything will get along by itself.

Question: What is possible to do so that we will believe this?

Answer: It is not necessary to believe. It is simply necessary to do because there is nothing bad in this. It is written in our sources. It is simply necessary to agree with it.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/27/17

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Trump And Salvation Of America

400Comment: President Trump could not abolish the health insurance law. People say that this is a start of his chain of failures.

My Comment: As they say, one person in the battlefield is not a warrior. If all the former presidential forces are against Trump, I do not know if he will be able to cope with them.

Although he is driven by great intentions, he is afraid to even mention that he would like to establish good relations with Russia, or seriously cut off the massive support of NATO because so much money is spent on it! Let Europe take care of themselves, but they do not want to spend money on NATO. Why should Americans always keep their “umbrella” there?

The problem is that Trump does not get any support. Americans are mired in their internal political squabble, and nothing more. Nobody takes into account what is good for the US and for the world. They are only interested in what is good for their limited political interests. That is why, of course, his position is unfortunate and the future is unclear.

Question: What would you advise him as a Kabbalist?

Answer: I would advise him to gather all American Jews and say: “Do you want to make things worse for yourselves? Do not think that things will get better for you; they will get worse if I disappear. Let’s work together to solve this problem.”

The salvation of America and the world is only in Jews uniting. And Trump has the key to it. There are still some Jews who are for him, although there are not many of them. And the bulk of them, as usual, are against him, because Jews are the greatest anti-Semites.

I really hope that it would be possible to do this—if he agreed and understood what to say to them and how to support them. The key to everything is in Jews uniting. And Trump has such an opportunity. I’m ready to help him.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/27/17

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Implanting A Chip In A Person

laitman_546.03In the News (USA Today): “Welcome to the future?

“A Wisconsin technology company is offering its employees microchip implants that can be used to scan into the building and purchase food at work. Whether or not to get a chip is up to the employee to decide.

“Three Square Market, a company that provides technology for break-room or micro markets, has over 50 employees who plan to have the devices implanted. The tiny chip, which uses RFID technology or Radio-Frequency Identification, can be implanted between the thumb and forefinger ‘within seconds,’ according to a statement from the company.”

My Comment: This indicates universalism; instead of holding cards in a pocket, one has the possibility of connecting directly. Cards can be lost, someone else might take it, while here everything is accurate and safe. Undoubtedly, this is what is awaiting everyone in the future. They will implant chips in children as soon as they are born. There will be nothing special about implantation; they will simply insert a chip like an injection, and that is all.

Question: Why would someone agree to that?

Answer: It is for no other reason than making life easier.

Question: Where are we heading with this?

Answer: We will get to the point where there will be a passport in which all of the data about a person will be burned, including insurance, medical cards, all of the information about him. It will be possible to record everything on the chip and then read everything from there, for example, the results of the medical examinations of a person and more. This is very good and convenient.

Comment: In addition to this, the person agrees more and more with them following him, no matter where he is, at any location.

Answer: What is it that we need to hide!?

Comment: I have a personal life! I am married….

Answer: Is it a personal life? What is not understood and recognized about this personal life?

Question: Does this mean that you are saying that a person has nothing to hide?

Answer: Absolutely not! These are all of our weaknesses. It is our nature and we have no reason to hide it. On the contrary, when we rise above everything, it will be much simpler for us. We will no longer play like little children. What difference does it make to me if they can read everything about me?

Comment: A person hides a lot of things like these and others….

Answer: This is because the people around him look at him as if there are conditions in which it seems that it is necessary to hide something.

Comment: A person lives in a locked house, behind walls. He has a bath and a toilet….

Answer: Imagine that there is a camera that sees everything about you everywhere and everything that is happening. So what? Let them look! What can they see? The anxiety is only if I am trying to pretend something to others, if I am trying to put on a show for them, if I am exploiting others; then I have something to hide. But if I relate to others with an open heart, then what do I have to hide? I am sure that we are developing toward a situation in which people will be completely open and exposed to one another.

What is there to hide?! I don’t understand; about what can you denounce me? That is how I was created! If I am not harming anyone, then look at me from all sides. Come in, check me out all that you want and however you want. Only if you can denounce me for harming someone, then yes, I have a reason to be anxious.

Question: And I hide this….?

Answer: Hide or don’t hide, it makes no difference; I can be afraid or be ashamed only if I harm someone else. And if not, then why should I be ashamed?

Question: What does the wisdom of Kabbalah say about this?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah says that a person doesn’t need to “hide” from others about anything that touches upon his actions; it is up to him to hide his Masach (screen) and hide from his ego and not from other people. On the contrary, it is up to him to relate to other people with an open heart and to himself, only by way of a Masach.

Question: If so, all of the psychology that you are talking about leads to a person approaching an anti-egoistic Masach?

Answer: The person will be interested in other possibilities and problems, like how truly to discover the same unique thing that is found in it.

Question: What is the conclusion one can derive from this?

Answer: The conclusion is very simple, aside from not carrying out the principle, “And you shall love your friend as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18), there is nothing more to be concerned about. That is all.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 8/3/17

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We Are Killing Sperm

laitman_566.02In the News (BBC): “Researchers assessing the results of nearly 200 studies say sperm counts among men from North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, seem to have halved in less than 40 years. …

“Dr Levine, an epidemiologist, told the BBC that if the trend continued humans would become extinct. …

“‘If we will not change the ways that we are living and the environment and the chemicals that we are exposed to, I am very worried about what will happen in the future,’ he said.

“‘Eventually we may have a problem, and with reproduction in general, and it may be the extinction of the human species.'”

Answer: In the 18th century there were about a billion people on the whole Earth. Two centuries have passed and we have become 8 billion. For what? Instead of 8 billion we can become one billion again or even less.

Question: Do you believe that this is how nature regulates the number of people?

Answer: Everything depends only on us, on our state. We are the ones who are killing ourselves and, of course, killing life, killing sperm.

Comment: They say that the reason for that are the chemicals and fertilizers we use, obesity, smoking…

Answer: No, these are already the outcomes. Everything happens as a result of our killing ourselves. It is as if we don’t want to live, don’t want to exist; we agree with the negative force in us, with our negative nature, and allow it to drive us to extinction.

Question: Could there suddenly be a change?

Answer: No, “suddenly” can’t happen. This can happen only if we recognize our evil nature and realize where we can find the positive force to correct it.

Question: Do you believe that everything that happens, including the decline in the number of sperm cells, is happening for one goal?

Answer: It is only in order to bring us to the recognition of our evil nature, of our egoism, and to oblige us to draw the positive force of nature, which exists and is waiting for us to use it.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/27/17

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Language Without Words

laitman_527_02Question: The anniversary of the birth of the language Esperanto was celebrated recently. Esperanto was an attempt to construct a language that would unite all people. It was a great idea and a good try, but in the end, it achieved nothing. Why? It seems that the intention was correct: for all to speak the same language.

Answer: What for? It’s unnatural.

At one time, when we were closer with one another, we spoke the same language. That was in ancient Babylon. And then, with rise in mutual rejection, we suddenly started to speak in different tongues. This was the “destruction of the Tower of Babel,” when people internally stopped understanding one another.

They internally distanced themselves from each other with their different aspirations; their interconnections with each other became estranged and that’s why they stopped understanding each other to such an extent that they starting speaking different languages. All the languages of the world came from that. And that’s why they all went their separate ways. That’s how we live to this day.

Question: Then why not have a language that unites everyone? By the way, two million people speak Esperanto.

Answer: None of them speak it. These two million are spending time with each other like any other common interest group.

Nothing will come of this until people begin to feel that they should once again become one, that they have a common base, a common goal. Then they will find that is a common language that they will be able to speak.

The inner language of a person will be revealed, people will simply understand each other, even without words, internally translating the thoughts of one another. That language will definitely appear! But only after humanity decides that it wants to be united. At the root of the shattering that occurred in Babylon was egoism. If we begin to rise above it, we will once again unite in our mutual understanding of each other. No language is needed for that.

That’s why Esperanto will not give you anything. It’s that same Babylon with different languages. Out of all that same confusion they made a new “salad,” which only reminds us about the past, the shattering, and the distancing from each other.

Question: If people really want to unite, to become one whole, then the language will appear by itself?

Answer: Yes. They must concern themselves only with their spiritual, soulful, connection to each other, and then they will know in what language to communicate.
From KabTV’s “News With Michael Laitman,” 7/27/17

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Control Of Population Growth

laitman_272In the News (Independent): “The United Nations and World Health Organisation have issued a call for drugs to be decriminalised.

“Buried in a joint release on ending healthcare discrimination, the organisations called for the ‘reviewing and repealing punitive laws that have been proven to have negative health outcomes’ by member states.

“Among a number of measures, this included ‘drug use or possession of drugs for personal use’.

“While the WHO has previously called for drugs to be decriminalised in the context of HIV reduction, the UN has limited its calls to health- and evidence-based solutions to drug abuse.

“Last year, nations meeting at the UN General Assembly Special Session on drugs maintained a criminal approach to narcotics, despite strong concerns from a number of countries.

“But last month, on the International Day Against Drug Abuse, UN Secretary General António Guterres called for tackling the problem through ‘prevention and treatment,’ adhering to human rights.

“He said: ‘Despite the risks and challenges inherent in tackling this global problem, I hope and believe we are on the right path, and that together we can implement a coordinated, balanced and comprehensive approach that leads to sustainable solutions.’”

Question: It seems that soon we will be walking around quiet, calm, and relaxed; did the United Nations, the organization for maintaining international peace and security, finally come to realize that the fight against narcotics is pointless?

Answer: No. They came to realize something else—that with the help of narcotics they can create “stability” in the world; mow down millions of unnecessary people, and calm the rest. Why do seven and a half billion people living on this earth, who are suffering, continue to reproduce? What is the point in this?

Question: That’s what the United Nations thinks?

Answer: Of course! And it receives instructions from “higher-up controlling organizations,” those who say, “We don’t need seven and a half billion.”

At the beginning of the twentieth century, a hundred years ago, it was only two billion. It was as though the world was empty. Suddenly: seven and a half. And they’re starving, fighting, and crushing each other—for what?

For the elite, who stand at the top, there is nothing left to do: money lost its value. Give everyone minimal basic income? What would be the point? So people can just exist, dirtying the atmosphere? Each person damages the ecology of the earth.

Question: Then I will ask you as a Kabbalist: is it necessary to get rid of many people?

Answer: It doesn’t matter. Everything depends on whether you are leading them to an improved condition or not.

It is necessary to implement a comprehensive correct education system for people. It is necessary to teach them how in the right kind of connection between them they can reach a life where no one disturbs one another.

On the contrary: each, in connection with others, will make a necessary correction of his egoism and will then become a huge asset to all humanity; because that which each of us has to do in our individual correction of egoism, no one else can do for us.

Comment: Then it turns out that any size population can exist. And the opposite will be true, the more, the better!

Answer: Even two hundred billion!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/6/17

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Tu B’Av An Unpretentious Holiday

laitman_293.2Question: Tu B’Av is the holiday of love. What can you say about love?

Answer: There are many references to love in the wisdom of Kabbalah and in fact there is nothing else. All our development is the way to absolute love. You should not simply “love thy friend as thyself,” but it is through the love of others that you should love everything and most importantly the Creator. You should fill all of creation with your love, all the worlds.

Tu B’Av is the greatest holiday, the end of the development of all of humanity.

Question: So why is this holiday so concealed?

Answer: We have not attained it yet. It has no root in the past, in our history. We have already been through all the holidays. We have somehow done the work in them and eventually only this holiday was left, Tu B’Av, the day of love.

Question: It’s interesting that the holiday of love is actually a week after the Ninth of Av, which is the most tragic day of the year. Why?

Answer: Yes, it is six days later because we have to undergo the greatest sufferings and only then in their oppositeness can we attain absolute pleasure, a filling, love. This means that after the concealment of the Creator on the Ninth of Av comes the full revelation of the Creator in us, which is the day of Tu B’Av.

Question: King Solomon said that on Tu B’Av the young women of Jerusalem went out dressed in white and danced, and then the groom arrived. Who are these young women? Who are they looking for? Who is the groom who appears before them?

Answer: The analogy is that the groom represents the Creator; the young women are the created beings, people’s desires, and when they come out of Jerusalem, beyond its border to the orchards and vineyards that surround Jerusalem, dressed in white dresses, it symbolizes the purification of the ego; the egoistic desires that have become altruistic are ready in this state to receive the Creator into them. This is the reason that the Creator is ready to meet them. It isn’t about any other kind of love. Everything is written and everything is done only in order to attain this summit Tu B’Av, but this holiday is indeed inconspicuous.

Question: What is love from a Kabbalistic perspective?

Answer: Love is the total adhesion of the whole creation and all its parts to each other and to the Creator in its desire to fill, to enjoy, and to help each other.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 8/3/17

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Why Are We All Becoming Increasingly More Intolerant?

laitman_547.06In the News (BBC): “In the US, Australia and Europe, the gap between liberals and conservatives, the left and the right is widening. Look at social media, and it can feel like antipathy towards the other side is becoming increasingly intense.

“In the US, for example, ‘very unfavourable’ views of the other party more than doubled between 1992 and 2014, according to polls by the Pew Research Center. Fast-forward to 2016 and most – as opposed to just many – Republicans and Democrats view the opposition in deeply negative terms. Of nearly 5,000 people surveyed, over half believe the opposition is ‘closed-minded’, while around four in 10 are convinced supporters of the rival party are more ‘lazy’, ‘immoral’ and ‘dishonest’ than other Americans. …

“One potential explanation is the so-called group polarisation effect. Discussing views with friends might seem like the perfect way to expose the flaws in thinking and hear similar but alternative points of view. It’s not. ‘If you put a group of like-minded people in a room, their attitudes generally become even more extreme,’ says Jessica Keating, a psychologist from the University of Colorado, Boulder.”

My Comment: The reason for that is the growing individual, family, social, national, and general egoism. Lately it has stopped growing and has begun to round, which makes it opposite to us, the loners.

This means that if in the past it helped us to develop and motivated us to grow, today it forces us to unite, which is against our ego, since in order to be united in our society, we have to give up our personal egoism.

This is what the current crisis comes down to—when even egoistically we cannot make treaties between us, even if it is in order to save ourselves as we see in the EU today.

Eventually the world will become paralyzed and will come to a halt. The world trade, financial, and economic actions will stop, families will break down, treaties and agreements will be broken, and this will continue until a third world war breaks out or until the nations understand and feel from the depth of their suffering that they need to go “up to Jerusalem,” the only place where the method of unity is.

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