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A Citizen Robot

laitman_263In the News (Daily Mail): “On October 25, Sophia, a delicate looking woman … made international headlines. She’d just become a full citizen of Saudi Arabia — the first robot in the world to achieve such a status.

“‘I am very honored and proud of this unique distinction. This is historical to be the first robot in the world to be recognized with a citizenship,’ Sophia said …

“I want to live and work with humans so I need to express the emotions to understand humans and build trust with people. …

“Hanson said on the company website. ‘We envision that a rough symbiotic partnership with us, our robots will eventually evolve to become super intelligent genius machines that can help us solve the most challenging problems we face here in the world.’

“His creation echoes his thoughts. ‘I want to use my AI to help humans lead a better life,’ Sophia said. ‘Like design smarter homes, build better cities of the future.’”

My Comment: And later, will these robots discuss among them, “Should we revoke man’s citizenship?”

They will create a similar council and will reach the opinion, “Is there anything good about this miserable protein-based creature? We should revoke its citizenship. How is it any different from an animal? It isn’t. It just pollutes the environment and ruins our robots’ lives. We are pure, corrected, perfect, while man just poisons himself and the environment. We need to get rid of these people.”

Remark: Much is being said today about artificial intelligence, robots…

My Comment: A robot will never become human because it does not have a soul. The soul is not something that we can design or place in a body. Even if I were to take pieces of a human body and start connecting them in some way—connecting them to electrodes to enliven them with electricity or anything else—I won’t be able to enliven it to such an extent that it will become human rather than an animal.

That is, we can gather some kind of protein body out of natural elements, but we will never be able to connect a soul to that body. In other words, the question about the meaning of life and existence, what is inside of us, and besides, we have no idea how much that defines us as people, we will never be able to understand it or endow a robot with it.

Remark: But a robot is designed to make humanity happy.

My Comment: What can that unfortunate machine do to make humanity happier? Give it electrical power? Will it give to others the same way as it is connected to electrical power? How does it understand the notion of happiness?

Question: When will people become disillusioned with artificial intelligence, in robots?

Answer: Very soon. Humanity will become disillusioned with this faster than it can manufacture a batch of robots.

There is nothing far-sighted about this. Man doesn’t need it. I can make my life easier, but then very quickly I will be left with nothing to do and will virtually bring myself to the brink of extinction.

Question: By doing this are we setting up a dead-end for ourselves?

Answer: Of course, just as all of our achievements in any sort of endeavors will all eventually lead us to disappointment, and we will choose a different path, then a third and, so on.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/6/17

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Pregnant Person

laitman_565.01In the News (Fox News): “The UK government objected to the term ‘pregnant woman’ in a United Nations treaty, claiming the term ‘excludes’ transgender people who give birth and should be replaced with ‘pregnant people’ …

“The move follows the UK government’s position to foster transgender inclusivity. Last week, Prime Minster Theresa May unveiled plans to go ahead with the so-called Gender Recognition Act that allows people to “self-certify” their gender.”

Question: Where is this taking us?

Answer: It is taking us nowhere. What difference does it make how they will be recorded in these documents? It is irrelevant. You deal with a person, not a piece of paper. It may be necessary for some procedural actions, for courts, but in general, they will not gain anything by it.

Question: Either way, will the status of “pregnant person” exist now? And men would be able to be considered pregnant, which is actually possible.

Answer: Of course, they will do everything! But, we must understand that we are now in a particular state, a particular stage in nature’s development when the individual is changing, one’s tastes are changing, and one’s orientation. Everything within a person is changing.

Already, young people do not want to marry and do not want to maintain normal relations between them. What haven’t they tried yet? They would rather buy sex dolls than get a boyfriend or a girlfriend. They generally do anything that comes to mind.

We need to understand that this tendency is natural because we did not correct the individual in time, didn’t give him the right guidance, the right information, as to how he should work with his own nature. That is why they are looking for ways that bring a certain kind of miasmic self-gratification or some kind of new sensation.

Moreover, they demand to be respected, to be acknowledged, to receive special consideration. So a large problem looms for humanity. In the end, all of this will escalate and accumulate into such a condition that society will not be able to bear it and must somehow change it through forceful measures.

Question: In principle, do you look at a person as a person?

Answer: I don’t look at a person. I look at his internal state, at his soul, and it is not dependent on how often he changes his gender or does anything else externally.

Question: Will such a way of relating to each other ever exist in our world?

Answer: I think it will come to replace our present, also revolutionary, period. Humanity is rising above all kinds of differences—gender and others—and will begin to speak about the inner qualities of a person, not about the external state.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 11/9/17

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$1.5 Million Prescription For Happiness

laitman_547.05In the News (USA Today): “Money can’t buy happiness, but $1.56 million can buy Albert Einstein’s happiness theory.

“Two notes written by the famous physicist recently sold for well above their expected value at a Jerusalem auction house.

“During Einstein’s trip to Japan in 1922 to receive the Nobel Prize in physics, he wrote notes on how to live a fulfilling life while staying at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. When a messenger delivered something to his room, the German-born physicist gave him two of the autographed notes, because he didn’t have a tip available. Einstein said the notes could be worth more than a tip one day. He was right.

“One note, written in German translates to: ‘A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness.’

“It was expected to sell for between $5,000 and $8,000, according to the Winner’s Auctions and Exhibitions website. Instead, a bidding war lasting about 25 minutes ended in a sale of $1.56 million, the Associated Press reports.

“The second note, which read ‘where there’s a will there’s a way,’ sold for $240,000, far above it’s estimated value of between $4,000 and $6,000.”

Question: How do such things suddenly become so valuable?

Answer: The value is not in the thought. It was already in the air; it had already been heard. The thought put on a piece of paper is deemed valuable only by the people in the market for such things. It’s the same as any painting. Works of art do not have value in and of themselves. The value is determined by what people are willing to pay for them.

Question: A note from Einstein is worth $1.5 million, but few people know that great Kabbalists had many notes, many pieces of advice for humanity about how to achieve happiness. However, those notes are not worth anything. Isn’t that sad?

Answer: No, I’m not sad, quite the opposite. This is very good because people do not understand anything, even in what Einstein wrote, not to mention what is written in the notes of the Kabbalists. However, they chase after notes from Einstein because these notes have value as collectibles, an egoistic value, and our notes don’t have any egoistic value, and therefore, they are available to everyone.

Only those who really need them will find them and understand.

Question: And for him, will they be more valuable than millions, even more valuable than life?

Answer: Of course. What did Einstein write? With all my respect to him as a person who achieved much, his thoughts still did not rise above the animal level of humanity.

However, any quotation of Baal HaSulam is a completely different world.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 11/6/17

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My Facebook Page: “Trump’s Tax Cut: Will It Trickle?”

From My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 12/23/17

What do you think would happen if we launched a campaign similar in its intensity to the “Me Too” campaign, but denouncing those who systematically hoard extreme wealth and avoid contributing to society?

Please read my article about the latest U.S. tax reform


My Facebook Page: “UN General Assembly”

From My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 12/22/17

If the UN General Assembly were to convene today to discuss the establishment of the State of Israel, it is likely that its members would have voted against it, and possibly some would abstain.

The time has come to recognize that the Jewish state doesn’t have a lot of friends among the 193 countries that make up the General Assembly. The widespread support for the condemnation of the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is further proof of this.

In moments like this, where we clearly see that almost the entire world is against us, we should stop and try to understand why we are so rejected, hated and unworthy in the eyes of the world. Is there a deeper cause for this aversion?

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, anti-Israelism is not a passing political phenomenon, but rather an expression of natural laws that govern human society.

About 4,000 years ago, the people of Israel were founded as humanity’s first model of social unity above differences.

Since then, they hold the key to social unity across all of human society. When the people of Israel unite above conflicts and disputes, they spread unity throughout the world, but when they are separated and distant from each other, they evoke the separative forces in the world, which repeatedly appear in bursts of resentment and hatred towards the Jewish people.

The irrational hatred growing stronger every day reminds us the hard way that we have a role. And even though we would be happy to shirk this role, it is impossible. The Jewish people carries within the social ideal of love for mankind above all differences, and only the return to the realization of this principle can eradicate the hatred of the world towards us.

Kabbalists explain that we, the Jews, determine the fate of the world. “Just as the organs of the body cannot exist for one moment without the heart,” the Book of Zohar states, “so all nations cannot exist in the world without Israel.”

Unity among the Jewish people enables unity around the world, and the separation between them also separates the other nations, essentially “sealing” the pipelines of the natural abundance that comes from unity. Thus, it provokes wars and hatred in humanity. This dynamic is what’s pushing the nations of the world to attack the spiritual root called “Israel” and try to destroy it, because it is inherently felt as the “source of all evil” in the world.

In the words of Yehuda Ashlag, the greatest Kabbalist of the 20th century: “The Israeli nation was established as a ‘transit,’ which at the same rate that Israel itself is bonded, so they transfer their power to the rest of the nations.”

The decision taken yesterday in an emergency hearing, a resolution condemning Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and calling for its nullification, should serve as a reminder of the Jewish role: to unite and be “a light unto nations.”

We Are Afraid Of War

laitman_766.3Remark: According to many interviews and published articles, the world is at the brink of a looming world war…

My Comment: North Korea claims that the end of the world will begin with it: if something happens to us, then bear in mind, the same will happen to the world.

Of course they have little strength for this, but they do have the desire.

Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Il is an intelligent person. He understands that he has many military leaders behind him, and the military industrial complex of North Korea, incidentally, is not bad.

I think that he needs this only in order to bring attention to himself, to his persona, to his nation, to his country. And he is doing it well. We must admit that the way all Western media write about him, it would cost so many millions of dollars to get them to print anything about him at all! And so, he shoots one rocket that flies over Saudi Arabia and what a resounding around the world!

So, I consider him a very good PR man.

Question: What is the purpose, according to the upper plan, of such points in the world as North Korea?

Answer: To pull strings.

It is very simple. The Creator needs to pull the strings of humanity’s egoism, strike a blow to our arrogance, so that no one raises his nose above his head. It needs to be shown to us, demonstrated to us, what we really are.

Look how completely out of control the mass media is today—what they are doing with the world, how they distort everything. They have the gall to take it upon themselves to define what is good, what is bad, and to shape the opinions and the consciousness of society.

Question: And what is the upper goal in all this?

Answer: So that in the end, when all this escalates beyond all boundaries and even to complete irrationality and meaninglessness, then the entire worthlessness of humanity’s consciousness, nature, and arrogance will be revealed.

Mass media!—What a name! But in the end, it will devour itself. And as a result humanity will profit; it will finally realize that, in itself, it can produce only falsehood.

Through this process people will acquire very powerful means for the correct kind of progress.

Question: In other words, I begin to realize that everything is a complete lie: that which I say, that which everyone else says; what’s going to happen to me then?

Answer: The realization that the entire world is compromised. We simply don’t know how to exist, what to do next. In other words, awareness of evil will be realized in full.

Question: And you call this point “good”?

Answer: Of course. From the realization of evil one can begin to build the good.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 11/6/17

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What Prevents Happiness?

Laitman_036Remark: Scientists came to the conclusion that by 2050, the world will face 10 major problems: human genetic modification, increasing proportion of elderly population, disappearance of cities, evolution of social networks, new geopolitical tensions, security of transportation, diminishing natural resources, colonization of other planets, expansion of human brain capabilities, and growing influence of artificial intelligence. (BBC “10 Grand Challenges We’ll Face by 2050“)

Answer: None of this will happen. All of our current development is leading us to a dead end. It seems like we can deal with so many problems, populate other planets, and develop deserts, anything. We can build, destroy, and delude ourselves no matter what. But our egoism will not allow it.

It will make our life unbearable and will lead to continuous fighting between us: between family members, children, parents, residents living in the same city, in the same neighborhood; it won’t matter where or what. We will not be able to get along with each others. And it will be a terrible life. Egoism will lead us to this state.

No inventions will help us. They will provide nothing. First of all, we will use them to subjugate other people, to profit from, and pressure everybody. We see how technology develops and what it is used for.

So, let’s see what prevents us from being happy!

Happiness is not about settling on other planets—these lifeless celestial bodies, and it’s not about driverless cars, or living till the age of 200. It is quite enough for us to live seventy or eighty years. No need for more! It’s not a question of how long one lives, but how one lives! Anyway, you cannot escape death. To push it away is just a senseless human pursuit.

We need to make it so that we will begin to feel ourselves eternal, existing infinitely while still alive in this world. This is the solution to the problem. And we should not look for solutions to everyday problems according to our egoism. Egoism will spoil everything anyway.

We cannot say that today we are happier than those who lived 50 years ago. They did not have the electronic gadgets that we play with now, but they were not less happy because of it.

I see that according to current statistics, people are less happy, humanity is in deeper depression. Today, everyone starts to think about how and where to consume marijuana or something else to “check out.” Why should a person live for 200 years? So 100 of them will be spent in a drugged delusion?!

We must create a good life for ourselves. This is achieved very simply, through good relations between us. Otherwise, Armageddon awaits.

Do you know what Armageddon is? In Israel, there is a small mountain (Har) called Megido. There were some skirmishes a couple of thousand years ago. From that, this figurative expression “Armageddon,” the end of the world, got started.

In fact, we do not need to wait for the end of the world. It is possible to climb up this hill now and look down from it. It’s not that high; it’s some kind of mound only 700 to 800 meters high. Let’s not bring ourselves to the extreme states. Let’s make our life calm, good, and happy today, not in 50 years.

And most importantly, with the help of the science of Kabbalah, we can begin to feel the next life, the upper world, the transition from one state to another, from one reincarnation to another. This is all in our power.

I wish for you to discover for yourself the eternal state of growing and contented matter.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 10/2/17

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Microbes Will Help Us

laitman_547.05In the News (Stanford News): “Stanford study indicates that more than 99 percent of the microbes inside us are unknown to science

“A new survey of DNA fragments circulating in human blood suggests our bodies contain vastly more diverse microbes than anyone previously understood. What’s more, the overwhelming majority of those microbes have never been seen before, let alone classified and named, Stanford researchers report August 22 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.”

Answer: But we live, don’t we? And if we hadn’t studied this 1%, we would still be alive.

Question: Why are these organisms living in us?

Answer: It is us! It’s not that they live in us; if they were removed, then we would cease to exist. In other words, we are actually a “bag” carrying all kinds of microorganisms. And these little bugs are just hanging out there all the time. That is what we are.

Question: Does that mean that if we learn about 1% or a larger percentage or no percentage at all, it wouldn’t make any difference, we won’t gain anything from it?

Answer: No, we won’t. It will only add more trouble. We will always think that these microorganisms must be eliminated, those over there need to be increased, etc. This is all wrong. Interfering with human nature is disastrous for us. We do not achieve anything.

We must get to a level of good, benevolent, eternal existence through a different method. Not by the method of interfering with the work of our body, but by interfering on a much higher level. Rising through our own attainments, revealing the upper system, the upper world—this is within our power. And these “little bugs” will only help us in all this.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 10/2/17

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There Is No Homeland

515.02Question: The government of Catalonia wants to gain independence from Spain. What makes them want to break off and divide into small kingdoms?

Answer: This is natural! Today there are, say, 200 nations in the world. If this keeps going, then in the next few decades this number will reach 250 or even 300. I have no doubt about it.

Remark: Futurists say that, on the contrary, people will unite into larger cities.

Response: No, there won’t be any unification! Like in the past, there will be fortresses, city-states surrounded by enclosed fortifications.

There contradictions to unity will be in every country: the north versus the south, the west versus the east. They will divide into clans or any other type of division.

Why does this happen? Egoism grows and demands a separate space for itself. This is why we will revert back to family unity. Moreover, everyone will have their own apartment, a fortress with bulletproof glass. I will sit in my home, open a window, and drones will fly inside delivering me pizza with Coca-Cola and then fly away.

Meanwhile, I will sit at my computer, not wanting to know anything. Leave me alone, this is my turf, this is my kingdom. I depict the most perfect picture there can be, where I am the parliament, I am the governor, I am everything.

Question: So everything has lost its value. There is only me and my egoism, and that’s it? I don’t believe anyone, I don’t want to be around them, I hate them.

Answer: This is the best form of governance!

Question: Is this a real picture?

Answer: In principle, yes. But we won’t reach it, nature won’t allow us to; it has its own plans.

Question: In other words, people will divide, but what will happen next?

Answer: Before this happens, there will be a collapse. If humanity learned from its mistakes, this would go on forever. But nature has a plan that it is always presenting to us, putting pressure on us from its end. Therefore, we won’t be able to annihilate each other.

Question: What will happen then?

Answer: We will be forced to unite! Forced toward happiness with a rod!

If there was no goal of creation, where we practically are already, and if the reverse processes were not coming to us from there, which we perceive as suffering, then there would be chaos. The things that scientists, philosophers and psychologists envision today are all products of their lack of understanding of the goal and the program set by nature.

Thus, even if Catalonia separates now, it won’t do any good. Later all the borders will be annulled anyway. The government of Catalonia will have no one to govern because the people of Catalonia will be completely indifferent to the government and to everything else.

On the other hand, we see the process that is unfolding; people don’t care where they live.

Question: So the concept of a homeland is disappearing, being erased?

Answer: What homeland!? Who or what can be considered a home? The land? But there’s other land everywhere. The people? Same thing. The culture? It is common to all.

Question: From the standpoint of the upper providence, is it correct to get rid of these notions, such as my place, my homeland, I will live here, I will die here, and so on?

Answer: All the nationalities, nations, and governments will be leveled; everything will wither away.

Question: What will I call home?

Answer: A good environment. And that’s all.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 9/7/17

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From Antidepressants To Weed

Laitman_182.02In the News (Time): “Antidepressant prescribing has risen nearly 400% since 1988, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). More than 1 in 10 Americans over age 12 now takes an antidepressant, the study finds, and yet two-thirds of those with severe symptoms of depression do not take antidepressants at all.

“The new research, led by CDC epidemiologist Laura Pratt, was based on responses from about 12,000 people who took part in a national annual health survey in 2005-08. The findings were released on Wednesday as a National Center for Health Statistics Data Brief.”

Question: Over the last few decades, the use of antidepressants has skyrocketed by 400%.

It is reported that scientists have found an increased content of antidepressants in the brains of fish in the Niagara River. This means that the water purification systems do not block these substances and they enter the water supply. This once again confirms how interconnected everything is.

What do you have to say about this? How long will this go on? How will we realize once and for all that this is all one system?

Answer: Indeed, we are breathing, eating and absorbing all of this.

Question: And as a result, all the people eating that fish are taking antidepressants?

Answer: That goes not only for fish. The same goes for everything, including the air and water. Everything that we synthesize and invent using artificial means is all around us and inside us.

But that doesn’t worry me. Our problem isn’t about how to live our lives better. If there is a continuation to our lives, then it makes sense to fight for everything. But if there isn’t, then let’s provide ourselves with the best possible existence for a certain number of years, and then peacefully depart from this world.

Question: Where is this all pushing us? Where will it take us?

Answer: Antidepressants won’t help us. Right now, weed or cannabis is taking its turn and is being rapidly developed. It will be permitted in every form and dose, however and wherever people please. You will be able to buy it in any store, as much as you want. And it will come in any form you like: pills, coffee with cannabis, coca-cola with cannabis, and so on. Everyone will consume it. It’s all being prepared as we speak. This is actually why the whole large-scale campaign against smoking was staged.

Question: This is the first step. And what will follow?

Answer: Nature wants to show us that we won’t be able to calm down this way.

It seems to us that this will help us calm down. That’s what everyone thinks. But we won’t calm down because we will proceed to the following blows. And they will, in turn, be much more powerful than the previous—so powerful, in fact, that we won’t even be able to use drugs.

Drugs have always been available to humanity, but we did not use them. We won’t be able to put ourselves to sleep. Nature will begin managing us in such a way that I will have a tranquilizer next to me, but I won’t be able to take it. I won’t be able to, my hands won’t reach that far. I will prefer to suffer, to run around in a frenzy, but not take it.

This will go on until we realize what the reason for our state is. Then we will proceed further, to correction. Meanwhile, drugs such as cannabis will help us reach this realization. But these will be weak drugs, ones that don’t kill us but seemingly help us tune out somewhat and realize that it does not solve the problem.

Question: So a person still won’t tune out?

Answer: No, since it’s nature managing us, it won’t allow us to tune out or be semi-conscious. On the contrary, it will shake up our minds and feelings in order for us to assess the situation better.

That is, these drugs will work against themselves: they won’t put us to sleep, but will relax us in order to relax our egoism, and then we will be able to soberly, objectively, above our egoism, assess where we exist, what for, and how. We will calm egoism down and will be able to reason correctly and sensibly.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 9/7/17

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