Let’s Talk About Beauty

294.3And if so, what is beauty

And why do people deify it?

Is it a vessel in which there is emptiness,

Or fire flickering in a vessel? (Nikolai Zabolotsky)

My Response: Yes! This is precise, “fire flickering in a vessel.” The vessel is the light of Hassadim. And in this vessel, the light of Hochma begins to manifest. It is felt from the inside without any explanations.

Comment: Nevertheless, there was a feeling that there is external beauty and there is internal beauty. Love is simpler: I love the other, I just love him.

My Response: Who loves? Whom does he love? This is animalistic love. Of course, I am sorry that I am throwing your love off the pedestal. But in fact, love, if we penetrate deeper into its essence, is a manifestation of the Creator in the created being.

This is what attracts us; this is the source of attraction, the light called Hochma, which manifests for us only if it is clothed in the light of Hassadim.

The light of Hochma is the light of life, which is revealed in the light of good. Otherwise, it cannot be revealed.

Question: And what is good?

Answer: Good is when I wish another to exist even at my expense. When I am ready to give everything in order for everyone to exist. This is good. Then the glow of the Creator manifests in it, and in a way is reflected off it.

This glow of the Creator manifested in the good of a person, in the correct attitude of a person to people, to the world, to nature, is called “beauty.” This is practically what attracts us. But it is, of course, far away.

Question: External beauty is imposed on us, we know that. Fashion is imposed on us. But is this the inner beauty?

Answer: This beauty is built only on good, on bestowing, on self-sacrifice, on love. It has nothing to do with our feelings today. There is no way we can enjoy or suffer in them, that is, with our current understanding. In no way.

Question: Can I physically see the inner beauty? When I look at a person or communicate with him, can I feel or see the inner beauty?

Answer: Maybe you can, when you communicate with him. Gradually. When you reveal how good a person is and how much he can move and give room to the other. Not in a tram somewhere, but just everywhere, in life.

Question: If I feel this, do I still see that outwardly he is, for example, ugly?

Answer: You do not see that. If you have already lived to such a state, you do not see his appearance. For you, he is beautiful precisely with these manifestations of kindness.

Question: Does it mean that I see this fire in a vessel, and I am no longer interested in the vessel, in this shell, in all this externality?

Answer: There must be a vessel, otherwise you will not see the fire. But in principle, you see fire.

Question: Is the most important thing to burst through the outer shell to this fire inside?

Answer: No. If you associate yourself with this vessel, with good, with bestowal, with love, and so on, then you attain its inner fire.

If you can associate yourself with the good of the other person, then you discover to this extent his inner fire.

Question: What if I say that I cannot do that? I will never be able to act like this.

Answer: It does not matter, then from afar in some way, at some distance; there are many dimensions to this.

Question: But do I have the greatness of a person who can live like this?

Answer: Whether you have it or not depends on how you will develop it or not.

Comment: We usually say, “Well, he can. Well, he has money.”

My Response: We do everything to make it pleasant and easy for us. If I set myself up to see the pleasant, easy, and beautiful in others, then I will see it. That is, I am sort of annulling myself before that.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/20/22

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