A Reshimo is an Unrealized Desire

549.02Question: What are the types of Reshimot?

Answer: There are a huge number of Reshimot, just as there is a lot of biological data within us.

Comment: Indeed, we have more than 30,000 genes, but today we know the functionality of only 5% of them.

My Response: Yes, those who study human blood say that it contains probably 500 different parameters.

Question: What is the connection between Reshimot and desire?

Answer: Reshimot are desires that have not yet been realized. They exist in potential and manifest in you when you know for sure that you are now realizing them in a certain way. For example, I want to take a sip of coffee, this is still a Reshimo. When I drink it, I realize this Reshimo.

In other words, when the light enters the desire, meaning, when there is a feeling of pleasure, then this is already considered a realized desire.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/12/22

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