Taste For Beauty Remains

laitman_600.02Question: Why did the Creator create so many interesting, amazing and beautiful things in this world? A person has a desire to try and taste everything. The Creator gave both opportunities and desires. Why go against this?

Answer: We do not need to resist. But when a person wants to master his exalted mission, he loses interest in everything else. As it is written, “The big fish swallows the little ones.” (Zohar for All, Chapter “VaYikra,” item 185)

Therefore, if I engage in attaining the meaning of life and understand that I need to reach it via a certain path, then everything else on the way is nothing more than a means.

Question: Is the taste for beauty in this world taken away from a person?

Answer: Nothing is taken away from a Kabbalist. On the contrary, he gets even greater tastes, desires, and yearnings. I still like good music, nature’s beauty, and travelling. I like watching the National Geographic channel, the animal world, and the ethnography and culture of the peoples of the world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/28/18

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  1. Its like going from “Drain” consciousness into ” Faucet consciousness. Filled to fulfill. Very unending and always fascinating. Puzzling and somewhat perplexing.

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