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Birth Of A New Program For Life

laitman_537.jpgQuestion: You said that we are actually twice over slaves of egoism. Why twice?

Answer: Because we carry out all the demands of egoism and we are not aware of being slaves to it; that is, we are in double concealment.

Question: Why does a person gain absolute freedom when he becomes a slave to the Creator?

Answer: The thing is that we are not speaking about our animal body. Because if you are merely a creature consisting of desire and reason, of heart and mind, then there is no program of independent action that exists in you.

But when I ask: “Why do I exist?” then that is no longer a question of the body; it is a question that comes from something higher than animal existence. Asking myself that question, I think about which program am I realizing, which program am I choosing for myself, for what?

Egoism is built only for the purpose of keeping me in a lower animal existence and it says: “You exist in order to fulfill your material desires as long as these desires exist.” And I continuously fulfill them. But with time, that program begins to dim smoothly, slowly lowering in importance and a person begins to feel that his life is ending.

In reality, nothing ends. The egoistic program is simply designed in such a way that little by little it brings us to a state where we no longer want to fill ourselves and that is why everything ends. The only thing left is death, in other words, the end of the desire to continue to fill ourselves.

But there is also another program, when I initially don’t want to live by fulfilling the desires of my body because I understand that this makes me a slave to these desires. I don’t see the point of existing this way and feel that my life is meaningless.

As the egoistic program develops, it purposely leads me further, showing me its meaninglessness, and I begin to feel that it is not worth it for me to live. We see this in the new generation that searches for anything that will let them forget themselves.

That is why we need to discover the true meaning of life for ourselves. If that meaning is false, then it can be found in anything because that same egoism will help me find some amusement, like football, and I will fall into minor pleasures of our world and become their slave.

Or I continue to develop further with a desire to find the truth—something that is above my sensations. I don’t want to fill myself with material pleasures and see the meaning of life only in them. I want to know that I exist above them. And then I am left with one big question: “What am I to do, how do I achieve this?” In other words, I need to reprogram myself, rise above the preprogrammed egoistic program within me, and only focus myself on the achievement of the goal.

The new program really does allow you to achieve a new goal, a new state, and I am obligated to carry it out. It is built atop the rejection of the previous program and that is why in the counterbalance between the two programs, in the difference between them, I experience my freedom as I rise above the old program and engage in the real one.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation,” 6/19/17

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True Filling

laitman_608.02Question: I don’t really understand why a person who is depressed, who understands that the Creator has put him in this situation, would want to resemble the Creator?

Answer: Because he has no other choice. The Creator puts a person in a state of depression so that a person can ask: “What should I live for?”—and eventually look for and find the meaning of life.

Question: Is it not possible to bring the created being to this recognition differently?

Answer: No, because the created being is a desire to enjoy. If he does not feel pleasure, he asks: “What should I live for?” Then he reaches a state in which he must find some egoistic filling. Here he is fed bit by bit so that by advancing egoistically, he begins to understand that the true filling is the altruistic filling.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/23/17

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Why Do I Feel Emptiness In This World?

laitman_592.02Question: Why am I sometimes attacked by a state of emptiness, not wanting to do anything, and I am tired of everything?

Answer: It is because you have nothing more to do in this world. What is the point of existing like some kind of little bug?

You must begin to develop yourself spiritually. Then you will feel why in fact you were created. Otherwise, the body will live another number of years in this world, and then what?

Question: If you tell a person that he has nothing to do in this world, does it mean that he yearns for another world?

Answer: Certainly. If there is no yearning for the spiritual world, then this world is felt completely like a blind alley.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/23/17

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The Opportunity To Choose Your Destiny, Part 3

Laitman_707Question: Is my entire life truly pre-programmed and every minute of life detailed inside this program?

Answer: How could a random event take place? In nature, there are no accidents. It is just that we only understand one percent of whatever is happening. Therefore, upon observing some occurrence in the system of nature, we, like small children, scream, “It fell by itself; it broke on its own!”

In truth, strict laws operate in nature, and everything is specified down to the most minute detail. Only naiveté could lead one to believe that something happens by chance. Where else would it come from if not from the balance of forces?

Every event was “commanded” by forces and is a consequence of their specific combination. There are no miracles. Nothing happens by itself without a cause, without having been arranged by nature in advance.

Question: Why are we even alive then? Why is a person given life if everything in it is already predetermined to the last detail?

Answer: And why do billions of fish live in the sea and millions of species of animals in nature? People are given life in order to develop and achieve a state where they themselves will tune into this program and have the ability to make correct changes in it, which the program is waiting for.

The program wants to develop people to such a degree where they can understand it and become its active, positive elements. Kabbalah helps achieve this. Then, a person begins to understand the program, to take part in it, and to act above his nature, above the program that courses through him.

Through studying the wisdom of Kabbalah and implementing its method in a group, a person receives the forces that allow him to change the program, rise above his “blind fate” programmed from beginning to end, and start controlling it. He becomes an especially important component of this program, and through that, he influences his own destiny and the fate of all inhabitants of this world.

Question: Why doesn’t a person get the ability to control his destiny from the beginning, and instead, first must go through life mechanically?

Answer: At first, a person lives like all other animals who spend their entire lives grazing on some fodder. Suddenly, at some point in his life, he awakens, looks up, and says, “No, I do not want to live with my head buried in a feeding trough!”

I want to know where the force that controls me comes from! I want to get to know it, and control my own destiny! A simple animal existence is not enough for me. After all, the fodder and my body, all of it, is animal. I desire to develop in a way where I can consciously tune into this program. A program of life exists, and I want to become its independent element.”

To be continued…
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/25/16

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Elevating My Soul

laitman_623Question: What awakens the yearning within me to attain and acquire knowledge that is hidden from me, the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: The soul yearns for its root. I want to know where my soul comes from and where it is heading. The body is born, develops, and dies. And there is a certain accompanying instance, what is called the soul, and it is eternal. I would like to know what is happening to it.

Why do I exist in this world? It is so that with the help of my perishable body, I will elevate my soul, even a little, to the next level.

Unfortunately, in our world, this opportunity is given to individuals. Rather, more correctly, everyone has such an opportunity, but they don’t feel it and it passes by. Therefore, we should pay attention to the opportunity to elevate our soul and maybe even reveal the Creator in it. This is a person’s special merit  and special attainment. Then, his life is truly lived for a good reason.

Let’s try to do this. Live—we are so and so we live life; die—we, in this form, will die, but we need to try to achieve elevating our soul to the next level.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/12/17

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Decide For Yourself

Laitman_101Question: To be honest, I do not want to study Kabbalah. But I have no choice because I feel I will not be left alone. Or am I wrong?

Answer: I don’t know. Try to quit. If it works—fine. If it doesn’t work, then make the final decision and come back. It is useless to run back and forth, study a little, and let go for some time. I would like to make it sharp: it is not worth it. It is no use starting, getting disappointed, and blaming Kabbalah instead of correcting yourself.

Studying the wisdom of Kabbalah has certain conditions. If you want to get into it, you must meet these conditions. If not, you should quit it, the sooner—the better.

Remark: But I have a feeling that if I do not study Kabbalah, the Creator will punish me.

Answer: There is nothing to fear! The Creator never punishes anybody for anything.

But you have a great opportunity to discover the upper world. Is it really not worth it?! What do you have in this world?! Another 20, 30, 40 years will pass… and that is all!

And here eternity is opening in front of you. You do not feel how you move from one world to another. You drop your body like a rocket drops its stages, and you keep flying.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/11/16

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Zohar: A Means Of Spiritual Development

Laitman_065Question: What does the word “Zohar” mean?

Answer: Zohar is the upper radiance that descends upon a person. By correctly studying this book, he receives a certain impact from it, which in the Aramaic language is called Zehara Ilaa, the upper glow.

The fact is that a person in our world does not possess any spiritual properties and this refers to the animate level.

In total, the four levels of development of nature are distinguished as: still, vegetative, animate, and speaking. The inanimate level is all non-living matter. The vegetative level is everything that relates to botany. The animate level includes all kinds of living creatures, that is, everything pertaining to a normal animal organism that is born, lives, and dies, including the human body.

Therefore, in taking care of our body and living inside it, we are clearly on an absolutely animate level. But in each one of us, there is also a spiritual potential. It is revealed in the form of a question about the meaning of life.

This question arises, practically, in every person, but later on, we “jam” it, bury it, and do not let it show up because it causes us great suffering: “What do I live for? Why? What kind of life is this?”

It turns out that through this question, through a very small, specific desire, we have some connection with the upper world. This desire is called a point in the heart, but we do not develop it.

However, there are people who cannot accept the lack of an answer to this question. Of course, one can end this life. Isn’t this life given to them, too? It turns out that they have no choice but to seek an answer. But in order to find it, a person must exert great effort until he finds a group, teacher, and books.

In principle, all Kabbalistic books come from The Book of Zohar. If in one of them it is written: “It is said in The Book,” then it is The Book of Zohar that is meant. The word “Book” is not even mentioned together with Zohar because it goes without saying.

Other works are not even considered books because this Book is special. It connects a person with the upper world and teaches him how to attain it. Then, it justifies its name, Zohar, radiance, because a person begins to receive a glow from above, developing him spiritually.

Thus, from a small, specific desire for spirituality, a real, strong desire develops, and a person is born spiritually.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/2/17

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How To Attain A Soul?

laitman_222A person undergoes sufferings and many years of searching for the meaning of life. All this gradually accumulates in him into one system, one desire, a yearning, an internal tension, that creates a feeling that he must discover his spiritual existence.

When he reaches such a moment in life, he is brought to the wisdom of Kabbalah, to the wisdom of revealing the Creator to man in our world, and this is the soul.

A person understands that he has suddenly found a wonderful method, an ancient wisdom that is 6,000 years old. By studying this method, he sees that everything it says is true. It clothes the desires by which he wants to reveal his soul, the Creator.

Then he learns how it is done. He gradually clarifies things and he finds out that a soul refers to building a desire to bestow and to love others, strangers, including the Creator, in a totally non-egoistic manner without any external reward for himself, taking and giving everything away, not knowing to whom, what for, or how, but without receiving any pleasure from it at all.

Question: Is this what you tell students who are beginners?!

Answer: I tell them the truth. Beginners have nowhere to run. The Creator will still bring them. His plan is predetermined.

Although it is said: “Don’t place an obstacle before a blind man,” I don’t consider what I say an obstacle because all the fears that they will encounter along the way will eventually be forgotten. They will yearn to advance so much that they will leap over them.

If a person approaches things seriously, he is filled with thoughts such as: “I don’t have anything in this life anyway; I don’t want to live like an animal; it doesn’t really matter if my life ends now or in another 20 to 30 years; I want to give everything in order to find everything.”

Question: Is it considered a revelation for a person when he understands that his soul is in the attribute of bestowal, which he attains by not thinking about himself but about others?

Answer: At first a person doesn’t understand that. It is only when he begins to delve into the method and get closer to this state that he sees to what degree it is totally imaginary and impossible to fulfill. For him, the desire to bestow and to love someone simply does not exist. When he examines himself, he sees that he is ready for everything but that. This is actually what convinces him that love and bestowal are actually the right way.

But how do you attain that? Here he discovers that this is attained through the help of the group and special actions in the group, when he gradually exits himself. It is according to the degree of his efforts that he begins to receive help from above, and gradually realizes how important and necessary it is, and how much this is the only thing that can be in our lives since everything else is programmed.

Thus, a person gradually advances by experiencing different restrictions and pressures. But it is already clear to him that this is the only way, and it is his business whether he wishes to follow it or not.

Basically, all our actions to attain the soul come down to evoking and summoning the force that will tear me from myself into the environment, into the circle, into the ten, in which I will melt. Then the encounter with the Creator will take place in the center of the ten.

The ten are ten men who have decided to totally exit their ego, to throw it over the borders of their circle, and to aspire to be in the center of the circle, in the place where they bring only the aspiration and the yearning for the Creator.

Question: And what do ten women do?

Answer: The same thing, but women have to find ten men inside them. The yearning for the Creator is called masculine. We will understand that later on. With regard to the Creator, however, we are all women.
From KabTV’s “A Talk About Soul” 3/30/17

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What Is A Person Living In This World For?

laitman_543_01Question: Lessons in the wisdom of Kabbalah change one’s attitude toward the world. What must I do if friends and colleagues at work invite me to go out to fish or ski?

What should I do about family members who are offended by my investing so much time in the wisdom of Kabbalah, about parents who scold me for being involved in something that is not clear what it is?

Answer: This is a problem. I experienced all of this myself. I had the same situations with regard to my parents. When I began to study the wisdom of Kabbalah, I closed a prosperous business and went to live near my teacher.

Understandably, the physical standard of living of my family declined and my parents were harmed by this a bit, but I had no other choice. For if it were not for the wisdom of Kabbalah, I would not have felt there was a reason to live in this world. This was my choice, and it is also up to you to make your choice.

Question: Is it impossible to travel to ski with friends once or twice?

Answer: Of course, if you have a desire for this, you can. But it is doubtful whether this would appear.

If we are seriously involved with the wisdom of Kabbalah, it completely holds a person’s attention and he is in it all his life.

And why else does he live in our world if we ask this question from the point of view of a real Kabbalist? Unfortunately, people do not know what they are living for.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/11/16

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What Is Nature Leading Us To?

laitman_546_04Comment: The concept of “work” comprises more than half a person’s life. He begins to prepare for it from a young age: studying in school, in university, thinking about what to be. But now all of this has ended; an unexpected turning point has appeared.

My Response: Our generation is now in a very interesting state in which the work that created a person that actually determines all of his personal, family, social, and political, and even planetary life, has suddenly begun to lose its importance.

A person is no longer included in the concept of work, an idea that is contrary to Darwin’s theory. He believed that labor is what built the human from the ape.

Moreover, Karl Marx’s theory that we would achieve the victory of socialist labor where each would receive according to his needs and give according to his ability from his own freewill, doesn’t work either because today nothing is required of people.

We travel all over the world today in search of work. This has been going on for quite some time. So, the concept of work has changed. Therefore, the approach where a person would choose an occupation according to his heart’s desire, providing him with material satisfaction and social status, has completely disappeared. It is interesting that art has also disappeared. After all, literature, music, poetry, movies, and theater are also work that are gradually changing their goals and definitions in our daily lives.

The desires, intentions, and goals of humanity are changing. So everything that can be conveyed from one person to another no longer has importance to him. If someone writes something, from the start it has no interest for me.

Our ego has begun to ascend higher. It wants higher and more meaningful sensations. If you are already alive, then life will certainly be good. Emotional novels and tear-jerking soap operas, which are abundant on our television, have become less important because the desire for them is gradually disappearing.

So what will be left for a person then? Nothing! The bare meaning of life cannot be found in literature, art, music, music or anything, not even technology.

People will create robots to work for humanity. And what will be next? There will be no work, there will be nothing to do, and nobody will compel you to do anything. Inventing something artificial will only cause pollution of the atmosphere and the earth.

Question: Where is nature pushing us to? Is it to where all people will sit and begin to think about the meaning of life?

Answer: No. The meaning of life is not achieved by sitting and thinking, but by building a feeling of inner connection between us, within which we begin to feel completely different dimensions, a new world, and another new world, and so on, higher and higher.

A spiritual world is not a three-dimensional space like our world. There is no flow of time. We will go beyond the speed of light, beyond mental and personal communication between us and will rise to completely different methods of communication.

The connection between us will become completely different, it will be on an internal level which has no connection to neurons of the brain or nerve cells. We will be one single body. To our physical bodies will be added a mental, spiritual connection between us, and we will begin to exit to another world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/18/16

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