Loneliness Is Unhealthy

the-condition-of-entering-the-upper-world-is-mutual-guaranteeIn the News (from Mail Online): Loneliness is as bad for health as smoking or obesity, experts warn” Feeling lonely can raise blood pressure, stress and the risk of depression. Psychologist John Cacioppo advises the lonely to try making friends, “Lonely people feel a hunger. The key is to realize that the solution lies not in being fed but in cooking for and enjoying a meal with others.”

My Comment: The only way for an organism to be healthy is when there’s a harmonious connection among all of the organism’s “building blocks.” And it’s the same with people: when we connect by means of a mutual guarantee, we reveal the Upper Life, the perception of eternity and perfection that becomes revealed in our connection.

The current crisis is a sign that we’re making the transition from being souls separated by our egoism to becoming unified souls. When we unite, we will reveal the Upper Life inside our unity!

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