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Instructors For A Future Society

laitman_939.02Question: In the social doctrine Baal HaSulam wrote over 70 years ago, it says that a small part of humanity must raise the moral level and create a society in which there will be one religion, a religion of bestowal. These people will disseminate it to the whole world and all the rest will be considered as culture.

Can you give a prediction about when this small society of a few thousand or some tens of thousands of people will be created?

Answer: To create a correct society that will manage itself and the others, a person must be on a spiritual level. I still don’t see people like these. They are gradually being educated today, but they are still not ready for this.

Question: So you cannot concretely name the year of the appearance of that society?

Answer: In the coming year, mentors will still not be ready, even if everyone wanted to unite.

Question: Are your students not guides who are ready to build the new society?

Answer: At the present time they are guides who are only suitable for developing new groups, conducting workshops and the like, but to create communes and societies in which we can work together, complement each other, and exist above the general egoistic rules, we still don’t have guides or a mass that can be organized in this manner for these communities.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/24/17

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Everything Comes From The Upper Force

laitman_938.01Question: The point in the heart and egoism can be conjugated only if we restrict the egoism and develop the point in the heart to the state of a screen (Masach). Does it mean that we have egoism that we must perform certain actions on called restriction?

Answer: No, we should not do anything with egoism. We should always try to get closer to each other, and egoism will only hinder us in this. But this is what is called “help against you.” The fact that egoism hinders us is a good thing. It means that with its help we develop forces that are opposite to it. But there is nothing to expect in the egoism itself—no special manifestations.

Question: What is the development of the point in the heart up to the state of a screen (Masach)?

Answer: The concept of a screen (Masach) is revealed when, through my efforts, I suddenly begin to feel the existence of the Creator: the upper, all-determining, and governing force. From this moment, I already act differently.

My actions that take into account the upper force, the upper governance, the upper goal, bestowal, and love—i.e., the states outside the boundaries of my egoism—are called spiritual.

Involuntarily there is a restriction—the work with egoism determining with what force I strive to bestow, to connect with others. It depends on the degree of the revelation of the upper force in me that gives me an opportunity to act altruistically.

Question: But for a person of this world, the upper force is something unknown?

Answer: There is nothing unknown here. A person cannot feel it because he does not do anything for it. We need to act in the framework that we are given: to unite with others, to study the sources, to try to achieve adhesion, caring for each other and for the mutual guarantee, and then we form one common whole. In this commonality we will begin to feel the upper force.

Question: Will it suddenly manifest itself?  Is it impossible to predict when this will happen?

Answer: When it manifests, then we will know.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 8/16/17

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To See The Real Universe

laitman_928Question: Natural self-love, as a survival program, should not disappear, but above it a completely different love is being built, a spiritual love?

Answer: No. As a result of our existence, we should not think about ourselves at all. We must create a society in which everyone will receive what is needed.

In the future, people will stop thinking about themselves, even in the lowest strata. All will receive what is needed for life and care only about how to rise together in connection with each other, higher and higher in the attainment of the real world. After all, now we are in a dream. We do not see the real universe. We do not see where we exist.

We live inside ourselves because our egoism closes us inside ourselves. The still, vegetative, animate, and human levels of nature are the four stages of our desire, within which all kinds of actions occur, and we feel them as the world unfolding in front of us. But in fact, it does not exist. We feel it all inside ourselves, in our sphere.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/15/17

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The Time When Kabbalah Is Revealed

254.02Remark: Until the 17th and 18th centuries, Western civilization lived with a sense that there is some kind of cosmic order in society and in nature, that there is an upper force.

My Comment: Man in Western civilization walked, as they said , under the grace of God, a God they invented for themselves. This was useful for kings, clergy, and other controlling structures. It gave a king legitimacy that he was God’s representative on Earth.

But then everything turned upside down because egoism grew and it was no longer possible to reign over people. Various movements appeared: Calvinism, Lutheranism, and so on, which gave a powerful push for future development.

Very quickly those movements started to transform religion into new social forms because the old ones were already useless for the development of the population. In its social, economic, and political relationships, the population outgrew the framework of the old religion; it needed a different religion. So various faith-based movements appeared.

The Middle Ages were distinguished by rapid development. It only seems to us that it was somewhat slow. But serious processes were taking place that gave significant impetus for new possibilities in the development of the sciences and arts, and the birth of a new freedom. The individual started to emerge from the control of the clergy.

And then the question of how to keep the individual reined in arose. All sorts of nationalistic movements appeared, and opposing them, socialistic and communistic movements.

Question: What was the goal of leaving ordinary religion? To prepare humanity for a more enlightened perspective?

Answer: The goal of nature is giving people the opportunity to understand their own destiny and to find the means of solving the most important question of life: “Why do I exist?”

During those years, even if such a question arose, it was suppressed by the fears and opinions of society. But after the Middle Ages, it began to manifest more forcefully according to the inner development of people who no longer feared calling themselves atheist, not connected to the Creator. Theism is connection with the Creator, atheism is the absence of this connection.

Question: Didn’t the atheists also try to build a social system based on morality, but without the control of the upper force?

Answer: Yes. They tried to figure out how a government could be structured if there is no upper power, not in the form of God and not in the form of a king. This was a very serious leap forward, when the individual comes first.

But the individual is not capable of controlling himself, he cannot do anything “without the king at the head” and without God at the head. That is why all kinds of terrorist movements appeared: fascism, Nazism, etc. People were searching for how to control themselves, to hold the system in order, and saw they could not succeed. And so they went, from blow to blow.

Therefore, in the beginning of the 20th century, after rapid development of science, culture, and self-consciousness, the science of Kabbalah began to be revealed. When the era of scientific discovery and arts ended, it became clear they did not provide an answer to the question about the meaning of life, which appeared even before the Middle Ages. Even the Age of Enlightenment did not give us this answer.

Then, Kabbalah was revealed. It began explaining that it had the solution to these problems. But since it is irrational to humanity’s way of thinking, it is as if taking the theory of relativity and trying to apply it to daily life.

In our world it is not understood, and even if it is understood, then only by a few people. So what is there to talk about with the simple person? But according to Kabbalah, everyone must be raised to a new level.

Therefore, even though Kabbalah is being revealed, it is apparent that a great deal of time is needed before people understand that society must exist on its principles and will otherwise not have the ability to sustain itself.

Humanity is gradually approaching this state, but it does not yet exist in it. Right now our Kabbalistic group is engaged with modeling these principles, analyzing them, and developing them internally, like in a laboratory. But, eventually, this will be the realization of the basic law of nature in humanity.

Kabbalists are obligated to demonstrate to humanity that their methodology is the only one that has the answers to the future structure of nature, society, humanity, family, and upbringing. And without it, the world will not be able hold itself in any kind of a framework.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation,” 7/3/17

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Creating A New World

laitman_936Question: In the developing society that is beginning to understand nature, will there be “a mother’s voice” warning about dangers?

Answer: Our inner voice will sound in us because we will feel everything through our connection.

This is not intuition, but attainment and revelation because we build a system between us that is similar to the governing force, and therefore, we reveal it within our system to such an extent that we come into contact with it.

This contact is mutual and constantly progressing. We see, feel, and understand everything we need. It is our mother, teacher, nanny—our everything. Through our system of connection, we influence the upper force that governs the universe and manifests itself in the connection between us.

Here we enter into completely different relationships: more real, more mature, and more internal. We begin to study the laws of commutation, the laws of behavior, and the laws of connection.

This is the most fascinating work because a person begins to create a totally new world. Moreover, he controls himself and society in alliance with the upper force until all of humanity comes to such a state.
From KabTVs “The Last Generation” 8/16/17

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The Last Generation: Each Will Fill His Own Niche

laitman_268.01In the society of the last generation there will be no entrepreneurs and none who fall behind because each will fill his own niche in the collective soul and it will be clear to the society that without the participation of each, it is not whole. Each person will be equally valued because this is an integral system. That’s why in the society of the last generation there are no oppressed and no oppressors, no winners and no losers.

Question: Then why did nature divide people into different classes?

Answer: In order for them to work on themselves.

Question: If in the society of the last generation someone comes up with a brilliant idea, will he be able to actualize it?

Answer: If you exist within an integral system, then you, being in your correct placement within the system, will not be able to suddenly come up with some brilliant idea that you are not able to actualize. You will not need to go anywhere or prove anything.

That which arises within you is needed for the equilibrium of the system specifically from the place that you occupy. But, because right now we are not yet in this system, the individual needs to somewhere, somehow force his ideas forward.

Question: But doesn’t this also arise precisely because the system is affecting me? Isn’t it just that right now I don’t feel its effect, but in the society of the future I will and will be grateful to this system for whatever is happening? Will there be gratitude?

Answer: Absolutely. To the point of complete happiness.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation,” 8/7/17

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Each One Has His Place In The System

Laitman_055Baal HaSulam, The Writings of the Last Generation: The majority in every society is always the backward. The diligent are no more than thirty percent of society.

This is determined by the type of society. For example, in the developed European society, the diligent people may be 20%, but in Asian or African society, the percentage would be lower.

This does not depend on the mental development, but the nature of people. You come to Latin America and see how important carnivals and soccer are. That’s all? Of course not, and I don’t want to be a reductionist, but this is a bold Latin American characteristic.

If you go, for example, to Germany, France, or Holland, then you are surprised by how well they have they have established production and with what zeal they perform everything.

However, all these are temporary differences, we just have not found the right complement to each other yet. Eventually, humanity will come to an understanding of how it can complement each other harmoniously and there will not be a person with a bad character, with a bad psychological inner mood. If you take into account everyone’s uniqueness that has a special place in the system, you will get an absolutely harmonious system.
From Kab TV’s “The Last Generation” 8/7/17

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Diligent And Prosperous

 Baal HaSulam, The Writings of the Last Generation: First, according to the development of the communist regimes, I find that the terms, “bourgeois” and “proletariat,” are no longer sufficient to explain that economic history, and we need more general terms. It is truer to divide society into a class of diligent and a class of backward.

In the bourgeois regimes, the diligent are the capitalists and the middle class. The backward are the workers who labor for them. In the communist regimes, the diligent are the managers, the supervisors, and the intellectuals, and the backward are the workers who labor for them.

Remark: Baal HaSulam places both capitalist and communist regimes in parallel, accentuating that in both of them there are diligent and backward people.

My Comment: This is given by nature. If I am diligent, smart, and fast, then under capitalism I find an appropriate place for myself and move forward. I bought two apples, washed and sold them, then I can buy four apples, etc. 

For example, during the great repatriation [in Israel], many intelligent, educated people who came from Russia had to sweep the streets in the beginning. But after a while they disappeared from sight. I asked my friend who worked in the municipality, “Where are these people?” He answered, “They are already working somewhere else.”

It means that unlike immigrants of the past years, these people quickly found their place here, and their children even more so. They were educated at local universities and began working in various institutions. This is being diligent and prosperous.
This is given by nature and nothing can be done here. However, among them there were those who quietly remained working in their places because they had no pressure from within.

That is, the egoistic level determines absolutely everything. A person either remains on the level of “food, sex, and family” or goes further to wealth, honor, control, and knowledge. This is the ladder that he climbs according to his natural desire.

In this respect, there is no difference between capitalism and communism. For a person who realizes himself in any society, even under a communist regime where everything is open for everyone, everything depends on his spiritual desire.

Remark: These seems to be simple truths, but none of the ideologists thought of it for some reason.

My Comment: The fact is that they are not based on natural egoism, they do not see it as a given. “How is it possible?! Everyone is free! Everybody is equal by nature. Freedom, equality, brotherhood!” They initially proceed from the fact that all people are equal. They do not understand that this is not so. How is it possible for two people to be the same? The one who talks about this does not understand anything about nature.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah each person is not only not equal to another, but he is unique! The right society differs from the wrong one by the fact that it seeks to provide to each person such a place, such an environment, such an opportunity, for his own realization that he is happy.

However, this is provided to him in accordance to his abilities and capabilities. He cannot say “I want to be a head of government!” Therefore, it is necessary to determine how to realize each one properly with the maximum benefit for him and for society.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 8/7/17

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Different Roots Of Unity

laitman_293Remark: If you look at economic statistics, then society is completely at a dead end, and the answer to this is likely to be fascism. We see what is happening in the world, and we understand that in fact everything is going in a very bad direction.

My Comment: Fascism is also connection between people, but it is egoistic, not altruistic. Kabbalists call it reverse reflection. Naturally, the development in our world will lead to it.

Question: During the last twenty years the situation in the world has not improved; it is worsening on all economic parameters. What is missing for changes to take place?

Answer: We do not convey enough information to all sectors of society, not just about the state of society, but what we should come to, and why it should be so from the perspective of nature, or the Creator, which is the same.

The word “Creator” is intended for religious people, and “nature” is for the non-religious people. But, technically, people should understand that it is the same, and everyone should come to this.

As for fascists, they, among other things, also hoped to find an upper sphere as well, they looked for their higher roots in the Himalayas. They felt that unity was at the heart of the right society. But what kind of unity? They indulged their natural egoism.

Remark: They thought that if they pulled this force, they could conquer the whole world.

My Comment: Yes. But for what? They were looking for the roots: Where is the upper force that can be reached by putting the whole world at their feet. That is, egoism is a very broad ideology, which has its roots.

Question: Is unity a core of law inside of which we all are?

Answer: Of course. Only in this case, it is absolutely the opposite of Kabbalah, but this is how it reveals itself. Therefore, fascism is ahead.

Remark: But we hope that we can somehow prevent it.

My Comment: For this we need to do what Kabbalah teaches us.

Remark: We talked about this five to seven years ago, and today we can already clearly see how this starts to close in on humanity. But the society is exactly where it was before.

My Comment: Because we are given the time and opportunity to try to advance not in a fascist way, but in a Kabbalistic way.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 7/31/17

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Leadership In The Future Society

laitman_259.02Property owners will be under public supervision, or under self-trusteeship, or through bookkeeping. (Baal HaSulam, “The Last Generation”)

The society of the future will constantly move forward. However, a person is still born an egoist. His parents do not pass anything onto him from the high spiritual level that they have achieved. And he, born as an animal, has to gradually enter into a totally new area, a new environment. He has to go through all of these transformations.

However, people will move very quickly into this new system of interconnection. Today, even a small child is much better at handling a mobile phone or a computer than his parents.

Question: On one hand, it is better for me to give up as much property as possible and free myself from all these types of concerns. On the other hand, I want to serve society. So maybe I should do the opposite and acquire different factories?

Answer: So, do what the society tells you to do. You should not just listen to the demands of society but strive to be as useful as possible to society. And in what way? That, you decide together with the leaders.

Leadership is not cancelled. There is an ideological leadership called Sanhedrin as well as corporeal planning, guidance, and leadership. But, most importantly, the society operates with new principles.

Question: I cannot even think that I could disobey the Sanhedrin’s decision, is that right?

Answer: You are not interested in disagreeing because each move that is suggested to you by society and which you perform for the sake of the society’s good, ends up benefiting you as well.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 7/31/17

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