Baal HaSulam Describes The Society Of The Future

The Greatest Thing You Can Attain Is the Greatest Thing That There IsIn the article, “The Future Generation,” Baal HaSulam describes the ways of a society that’s in harmony with Nature (the Creator):

The economic and ethical forms are the guarantees of the altruistic society and must be one for all the nations. With regard to other ethical matters, which do not deal with the economy, each nation can keep its own form.

First, a small organization of altruists should be established, who will work diligently according to their strength and receive according to their needs. This organization will have all the forms of a state government. Even if the framework of this institution will incorporate the entire world, and the brute-force government will be revoked, nothing will need to be changed, neither in government nor in work.

This institution will be a global focal point with nations and states surrounding it to the farthest corners of the world. All who enter this framework of the altruistic society shall have the same agenda and the same leadership as the center. They will be like one nation in profit, in loss and in expenses.

The framework of altruistic communism should ultimately encircle the entire world with an equal standard of living for everybody. However, the actual process is a gradual one. Each nation whose majority has already been brought up to bestow upon their fellow person, will enter the framework of the international communism.

All the nations that have already entered the framework of international communism will have equal standards of living. The surplus of a wealthy or diligent nation will improve the living standards of the failing or poor nation in raw materials and productive means.

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