A Woman Is The Carrier Of The Aspiration For The Creator

pleasureThree questions I received on women’s role in Kabbalah:

Question: What is the role of women within Kabbalah? I do not see women featured in this system, such as having the right to teach, apart from the children’s classes.

My Answer: A woman is the carrier of the aspiration for the Creator, whereas a man is the one who realizes this aspiration.

Question: When women are awakened spiritually, do they experience the same feelings as men?

My Answer: Yes.

Question: Do I have to meet my friends from the virtual group physically? I have been participating in dissemination every day for a year. My teachers say that the topics discussed in the meetings are very important, but I don’t feel that I need this. I connect with the group in my heart and in my thoughts, and I definitely continue to contribute whatever I can from behind the computer screen. Do I have to force myself to do something that my heart isn’t drawn to?

My Answer: You don’t have to force yourself because you are a woman. But if this question was coming from a man, he would have to participate physically any time there is an opportunity!

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